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Data costs in smartphones are not cheap. When left unchecked, it can blow up your bill in ways you never intended. Fortunately, we have Dataman. This iPhone app keeps track of your data usage so that you can easily work within your data plan.

check data usage iphone

Dataman is made more useful with its real-time tracking. A quick check with the app will reveal the percentage of data used for the month, as well as a breakdown of your wifi and data usage. You can set up notifications when your usage reaches a certain threshold. You can also set your bill date and monthly data allowance.

View your monthly history to check your usage trends. This is important if you want to monitor how you use your allotted data plan and save more in the future.

Dataman is a nice iPhone app if only for the notification features. While some will moan why this simple functionality is not baked into iOS, this app is a welcome addition nonetheless.

Dataman is available on iTunes for $0.99.



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