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Excel is the most popular tool used for storing data. However, it is not always easy to convert or integrate Excel data with a web server or code. DataConverter helps with that by converting Excel data into web-friendly formats including XML, JSON, ActionScript and Ruby.

Simply paste the Excel data in a CSV (Comma Separated Values) or Tab delimited into the tool and select the desired output format such as XML or ActionScript. Click convert and DataConverter will give you your data in the desired format that can be easily copied.

The number of output formats supported is pretty limited but it is a great tool to take your data from a local to web-friendly format without spending too much time on it.

convert excel data into xml


  • Convert Excel data to a web format.
  • Supports XML, JSON, ActionScript and Ruby.
  • Enter data as CSV or Tab delimited format.
  • No registration required.

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