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Storing your internet account passwords or bank account information on your computer in a text file is not a very safe thing to do; on the other hand, you want this information to be available to you whenever you log into an account or shop online. Here to help is a tool called Dashlane Courier.

securely store passwords computer

Dashlane Courier is an excellent desktop application compatible with Windows computers. You can install the application and begin storing in it your personal contact information; your IDs such as driver’s license and passport number; your bank account numbers; your credit card numbers and PayPal account information; and any notes you want to store. Whenever you are shopping online using websites like Staples, you can have the application automatically enter your banking information or credit information and check you out while saving your receipt in the program. The application also lets you securely share login information and notes with friends over the internet. The premium version of the app costs $39.99 annually and offers phone apps.


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