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The design of the stock digital clock widget that came with Android’s 4.2 update was a hit or miss among users. While some lauded the new look of the clock widget, others just didn’t like the unevenly bolded font of the widget that can now be placed on the lock screen. If you are among those that don’t dig the new stock clock widget, or simply looking for a more functional and feature-filled clock widget for your lock screen, check out the DashClock widget.

The DashClock Widget is a free lock screen widget created by Android engineer Roman Nurik that brings more features and customization options to the stock lock screen clock widget.

dashclock widget

The DashClock Widget preserves the clean look of the stock clock widget but adds several useful options such as the weather, Gmail unread count, missed calls and text messages, calendar events, and the next upcoming alarm. In addition to that, the widget also lets you choose among different clock styles. Don’t like the new stock clock look?  You can choose from the 6 clock fonts and mix it with the 3 date fonts included in the widget.

The extensions in this widget are customizable as well as you can choose which ones to include and their arrangement as well. This is especially helpful for tablet users who don’t need the missed calls and text messages extension. In addition, the app also offers customization options for the extensions as well.

dashclock widget


The DashClock Widget offers a sleek and customizable lock screen clock widget that is a whole lot better than the stock clock widget. If your phone is using Android 4.2 OS or above, do yourself a favor and install this superior lock screen clock widget.


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