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DarkCopy is an excellent distraction-free online text editor. It comes with a pretty black screen that is easy on your eyes and your laptop battery. No need to sign-up, simply log on to the page, switch to full-screen mode and you’re good to go. When you’re done, download and save text to your hard drive.

Another, quite similar service is recently covered Writer. Writer gives pretty much the same feature set but also allows you to save documents online.

DarkCopy - Full-Screen Online Text Editor


  • Full-Screen Online Text Editor.
  • No extra buttons. No font settings. Nothing.
  • Option to switch between Full-screen and normal modes.
  • Downlaod and save final text as .txt file.

Check out DarkCopy @ [via LifeHacker]

  1. joline
    April 10, 2008 at 2:29 am

    I've recently discovered Q10, a free downloadable distraction-free editor. I love love love it. It completely takes you out of the desktop environment (don't forget to turn off -email- alerts), just like DOS based progs used to do. You don't need to be online. It saves your files as txt and you can also work on existing files by converting them to .txt and then opening them inside Q10.

    It has a timer (love that! I type non stop for 15 minutes as a part of 'getting started', works better than the action 'finish report').Oh and it has 'typewriter-audio', crazy as it may sound, that is really motivating!

    I downloaded one version for my PC and one as a portable app for my usb stick. Terrific!

    I'm not going to add a link here for I am not posting this as an ad, but if you are interested just look up 'Q10' in Google. I really recommend it!

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