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Online social networks let us share online items with friends all the time. But when you share something on your wall or timeline, you show it to everyone instead of a few selected friends. Moreover, their comments can be read by everybody on your friends list. What you need is a simpler and more private way to share online items with close friends. Here to let you do precisely that is a convenient web app called Dapt.


Dapt is an application that works through a browser bookmarklet. You sign up for the service and then you add its bookmarklet to your browser’s bookmarks toolbar; nearly all modern web browsers are supported. Whenever you want to share something online from a webpage, you click on the bookmarklet and a window opens up that lets you select the URL or picture you want to share. You then select friends from your Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo contacts – multiple people from different networks can be selected.

A custom message can be added with the share that lets you include a background or a caption. The people you add get messaged a URL to a private webpage which they can visit to view your shared content and comment on it; comments can be seen only by people who you earlier selected. The person to send the message can comment too – this facilitates interaction between all people who can see the content.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you share online items with friends.
  • Shares items only with people you select.
  • Lets you friends comment on the links you share.

Check out Dapt @


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