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DaisyDisk is a sensational visual application for those of us that like to keep track of what we are storing, how much we are storing, and where we are storing files on our machines.

This week, we are giving away 20 free copies of DaisyDisk worth $400 to some very lucky winners. In addition to the 20 copies, we also have a 25% discount code for those who are looking to purchase the app themselves. Both the giveaway and the discount code offer expires on Saturday so you can decide which route you wish to take.

I am really captivated by the simplicity of the program and the colorful display. Below is the only screen you will see when you boot up the program indicating what is available to be scanned.

Once you select a drive, the scan process takes about a minute depending on how many files you have in the drive.


After DaisyDisk scans your drive, you get a colorful graphic that illustrates where your computer is storing files and what types of files are being stored.  In the example below, I can see that “User” (me) uses the most space.  If I shared the computer with a coworker or with my children or spouse, I could see which one of us used more space.

If I click on “User,” I can drill down to see how the space is being used. Space usage is symbolised by the area being taken up — the larger a section, the more space is occupied. Not surprisingly, music takes up most of the space.  If I want to return to the previous level, I can simply click on the center black circle to go back one layer at a time.

If I want to continue drilling down, I can see that all of my music is housed in the iTunes folder.

If I want to break down music according to artist or theme, I can drill down another level. Of course, this all depends on your iTunes organisational structure since DaisyDisk only takes the folder size into account.

You can keep drilling down until you have exhausted the search.  While it is great to know that these files exist, DaisyDisk also helps you clean them up.  Simply right click on an item and choose “Preview”  from the menu to first check what the file is.

Then return to DaisyDisk, select “Show in Finder” and it will take you right to where the file is stored. If you don’t need it, trash it.

DaisyDisk allows you to visualise what takes up the biggest amount of space, and helps guide you to delete large unwanted files.

How do I win a copy?

It’s simple. Just follow the steps.

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In the comments section below, fill in your name, email address, paste the link to your Facebook/Twitter profile in the URL field and tell us why you’d like to win.

Make sure to enter your real email address so that we can contact you if you win!

This DaisyDisk giveaway begins now and will end on Friday at 2100hrs PST. From tomorrow onwards, we will be announcing 4 random winners each day — so you’ll know if you managed to secure a copy! The last 4 winners will be announced on Saturday.

If you feel your luck running out, you can purchase DaisyDisk at a discounted rate. Use the promotional code “MAKEUSEOF” at DaisyDisk’s online store checkout and get 25% off the $20 retail price (or click on this link to have the entire process completed automatically). Code expires on the 17th of April.

MakeUseOf would like to thank Oleg from DaisyDisk for his generosity while participating in this giveaway. Interesting in sponsoring? We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us via email.

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