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DailyPerfect is an innovative personalized content and news recommendation engine which just requires your name to deliver personalized content. It crawls the web to find your online footprints and analyzes your likes and dislikes. Based on that it shows the topics, people, news, website articles and books you might like. You can give a thumbs up or down based on what you prefer and hence help it improve. Also quickly share content on various social sites.

personalized content

Additionally you can add sites and import RSS feeds using the corresponding OPML file. Registration is needed in order to save your settings. I personally found the content quite relevant to me.

personalized content delivery


  • Personalized content delivery service.
  • Get content and news by entering your name.
  • Find the topics, people, websites and books you’d like.
  • Import OPML files and share content across social sites.
  • Give a thumbs up or down to each recommendation to improve the site.
  • Similar tools: LazyFeed and FanFeedr.

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