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dailymeThere is no dearth of online personalized news aggregators, the most prominent ones being My Yahoo and start pages like iGoogle which allow you to add different widgets and view customized content in one page. The motive of DailyMe is the same – to deliver you latest content and news from various sources in a way that it’s convenient for you to go through them quickly and easily.

However, DailyMe does things differently and has a lot of interesting features too. It’s free to use and you just need to register and create your account. Once you create your account, it then takes you to the page where you can choose categories based on the subjects you like, the sources of content such as specific newspapers or publications or based on specific keywords which you like.

DailyMe has licensing agreements with top publications and blogs such as the Chicago Tribune, Engadget and so on, which means that it can display their entire content on the customized homepage.


After you customize your content, you are done and then you can choose the delivery options.

DailyMe has some pros and cons which I have listed below.



1: The biggest advantage is that it usually displays the full content from the sources because it has licensing agreements with the publications. Hence you don’t need to read partial stuff and then go to the original link.

2: It provides a nice customized homepage too, where you can read all your stuff in newspaper style. Here’s my DailyMe Homepage in the screenshot below.


3: It also gives various delivery options such as email, RSS feeds and even a PDF file which will contain all the content.

4: It also has a desktop client through which you can set automated printing of the content.


1: The page refreshes every time when you add a category to your selections. This can be annoying sometimes.

2: On the customized homepage, it has a separate section for each keyword. Therefore if you add many keywords then you need to go to separate pages to check the content. However if you only opt for email delivery and do not intend to check the homepage, then you won’t face this issue.

Overall, I found DailyMe to be impressive and its certainly a nice way to stay up-to-date.

Which personalized news aggregator do you use for your daily news fix?

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