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DailyLit is a free service that lets you follow-up on your favorite books by email (PC, mobile, etc.). On a daily basis DailyLit delivers a small excerpt from the book of your choice. One excerpt per day, till the book is finished. It takes around 5 minuntes to read each excerpt. If you feel like reading more you can request next excerpt by clicking ‘send next’ button at the end of the email.

DailyLit - Books by email
    From the website: “… I am currently reading Dracula, which has 187 installments and I am receiving installments on weekdays, i.e. 5 days/week. So at most it will take me 187/5 = 37 weeks. But when I am on the train or waiting, I often read more than one installment, so I usually wind up reading about 10 installments/week. This means I will finish Dracula in about 19 weeks or 5 months. If that seems long to you, try something shorter!

Quick Feature Overview

  • Read books by small installlments that are sent over to your email on a regular basis (from your PC, mobile or PDA).
  • Receive installments on your email or follow-up from a feedreader.
  • Select the exact time you want the installments to be send out.
  • Browse books by category (Adventure, Chinese, etc. ), by title or by Author.
  • In additional to English there are books in Italian, French, Spanish and Russian languages.
  • More Questions? Check out DailyLit FAQ section.
  • Note: Some books are free and some require one-time payment.

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