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Today I got something for office workers, a list of entertaining websites for more productive way to waste your time, start playing around with them and your office hours will pass real quick

In case you don’t feel like showing up:

Before we get into the working hours, I want to tell you about Call-in-sick which as name suggests helps you avoid work. It lets you record ‘i am sick’ type message and schedule it for delivery to your boss. In case you had a night out and there is a chance you can’t make it in the morning, you don’t need to bother waking up early to call the office, instead send your message to call-in-sick and let it deliver to your boss automatically. To sound more genuine you may also check out Call-in-Sick guide (no longer available) for some tips. Unfortunately, available only in US and Canada.

Now that you came, what do you do?

You can start your day with some bitching and BossBitching is the right place for it(our review BossBitching - Is your Boss a Prick? BossBitching - Is your Boss a Prick? Read More ). Here you can bit.?.h about your boss and let other guyz around the globe categorize him(criticizer, tyrant, asshole, etc). Afterwards, you can joyfully spend another half an hour checking out how others got screwed by their bosses.


The office is a place on BBC America dedicated to Golden Globe winner tv show ‘the office’ with David Brent. Here you can watch some funny clips from different episodes, read office stories, recommend office jargon, check out some office poetry by hardworking employees and even download some wallpapers

After Lunchbreak:

So you just got back from lunch and need another unofficial hour to get back in working shape. At this moment you can check out Officeguns for ingenious and creative inventions of office folks when it comes to do anything but work, here you can learn all about making guns from commonly used office materials(push pins, pens, rulers, staples, stapler, markers, rubber bands, etc….), after picking some tips and ideas, try inventing one yourself. My favorite one is Super Maul

Rules for making guns.

  • materials used should be common in most offices
  • all of the parts should be in their natural shape, no broken parts allowed
  • you should be able to build and fire your gun in less than 30 seconds. (unless it’s an advanced one)
  • used elements should be in working condition after disassembly
  • gun should not require extensive amount of force to be fired and firing power should come from the gun itself
  • it should hurt

Someone managed to build a trebuchet see it here

Annoyed? Disturbed?

In case there is something annoying about your coworker, send him anonymous email using Annoying Coworker. You can either author letter yourself or select one of the letters already there. Not sure what to tell? Ask other members by posting it for discussion and voting. When target coworker receives his letter it will appear as it was sent from ‘Anonmous Coworker’.





Day is almost over, you are tired, irritated and angry…

At the end of the day everyone is tensed, in case your boss starts acting like an asshole go ahead and bestow your vengeance upon him at with 16 different tools at your disposal. Try them out and you should definitely feel little if not a lot better.

That’s all I got, in case you have something to add feel free to post it in comments and I will include them later on

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