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Daily is a smart device application that is compatible with smartphones running iOS. The application is sized at nearly 0.1 MB and requires your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad device to be running version 5.0 or later of iOS. The app provides you with a minimal interface to easily keep a list of the tasks you need to perform every day.

manage daily tasks

You can maintain a list of daily tasks and the app monitors them. When a certain habit is missed, the counter for that habit is reset. You are also shown reminders to continue a habit in case you miss one on a certain day. In other words, the application lets you create a chain of regularity for each habit. By missing a day, you break the chain – something that will motivate you to keep maintaining the chain length.

Using the application is really quite simple. You add the tasks that you want to do daily. Every day, you must tap on the tasks that you have performed. The counter increases for each habit you maintain every day. Your job is simply to keep counters for tasks from resetting to zero. If you want, you can remove tasks from your list by deleting them.


The application is priced at nearly $0.99 and is available from the iTunes app store. But the app’s developers are offering the first 30 commenters who share this post on Facebook or Google+ free promo codes.



  • A user friendly phone app.
  • Compatible with iOS devices.
  • Lets you keep a list of daily habits.
  • Helps you maintain these habits.
  • Can provide you with reminders of habits.

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