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Rarely do artists come up with something entirely new. Continuously building on or remixing elements and structures that already existed Everything Is A Remix: A Four-Part Look At Copying & Derivative Works [Stuff to Watch] Everything Is A Remix: A Four-Part Look At Copying & Derivative Works [Stuff to Watch] Take a good look at your favourite album, movie or even the expensive smartphone in your pocket – there's a good chance they were copied, sampled and assembled from someone else's original idea. Read More is a natural process. We’re all made of stardust after all.

This edition of Sound Sunday is dedicated to the art of sampling and remixing music, particularly that of – arguably – the greatest artists of their trade: French electronic music duo Daft Punk. Scroll to the bottom of the article for this week’s streaming mixtape.

Stardust, by the way, contains parts of Daft Punk. Aren’t we all a little Daft Punk then?


Genre: electronic, disco, punk, mashup

For this epic mashup, Robin Skouteris combined tunes from Daft Punk with 13 other artists, including Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Justin Timberlake.

Genre: electronic, house, pop, remix


Could you imagine Adele mixing well with Daft Punk? Carlos Serrano made it happen and it sounds terrific. This download is available in exchange for a Like from Carlos Serrano’s Facebook page.

Genre: electronic, house, remix

LA producer Dillon Francis remixed the legendary Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. Here’s the free stream and download.

Genre: electronic, edm, dance, funk

Fun, danceable Free Electronic Dance Music: Stream, Download & Party [Sound Sunday] Free Electronic Dance Music: Stream, Download & Party [Sound Sunday] After the party is before the party and a playlist is never completed. Add some fresh tunes to your electronic dance collection with free downloads from independent artists. That's Sound Sunday. Read More reinterpretation of Vinyl Scratch that ain’t dubstep.

Genre: ambient, bass, electronic, dubstep

In case that previous song made you crave some dubstep elements, here is your fix.

Genre: electronic, house, drumstep, drum & bass, dubstep

Funkatech Records homeboys Specimen A team up with South Coast up-and-comer James D’ley to knock up a cheeky but immense remix of Daft Punk’s ‘Aerodynamic’ taking the original and turning it into a dance floor killer that merges D&B’s halftime bastard son, drumstep, with filthy electro influences.
Source: SoundCloud

Genre: 80s, electronic, disco, indie, synth, pop

Let Go was written for a film by Jubilee Project. This film raises awareness for Alzheimer’s Disease Tech Through 90-Year-Old Eyes: Are We Really Better Off? [Feature] Tech Through 90-Year-Old Eyes: Are We Really Better Off? [Feature] Young people tend to look at the older generation as second class citizens when it comes to technology. This is apparent from jokes we see online every day, and it stems, among other things, from... Read More , which causes loss of brain function that affects memory, thinking, and behavior. (…) Even though the disease may strip people of their capacity for memories, it doesn’t strip away their capacity for love and companionship. Emotions outlast memories, so people with Alzheimer’s still desire love. That’s why we made this film to show that people with Alzheimer’s, even if they no longer seem like themselves, can still fully receive your love, which makes a tremendous difference in their lives. 50% of all proceeds will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Association.
Source: Bandcamp

Genre: electronic, metal, deathcore, metalcore

An extremely dark cover of Daft Punk’s hit single Get Lucky by French progressive metalcore and electro band The Betrayer’s Judgement.

Genre: electronic, pop, mashup

Here’s a wildly popular and smooth mashup of Ellie Goulding and Daft Punk by New York based artists The Knocks.

Genre: electronic, disco, house, remix

Around The World and Harder Better Faster are two of Daft Punk’s most popular songs. Why not mix them up in a single tune. All Hazards says you’re welcome.


Genre: 8-bit, electronic, chiptune, house, video game music

This work is based on “a healthy dose of inspiration” from Daft Punk and not actually a remix EP.

Genre: experimental, electronic, dance, rock, garage rock, post-hardcover, techno

These devastatingly dashing dance crusaders deliver an audio/visual sensory overload straight to your dome. A four piece outfit from Nanaimo BC, the Top Men specialize in live electronic dance music and elaborate stage performances ranging from from cyborg surgery to dinosaur romance to Tron inspired shenanigans. You’ll never get these hooks out of your ears, or the confetti out of your clothes.
Source: Bandcamp

Genre: 90s, electronic, dance, edm, chiptune, house

The Orion EP was composed and produced with the 90s close to heart. Trotzig gained inspiration from albums like Daft Punk’s “Homework”, Fatboy Slim’s “You’ve Come a Long Way Baby”, and The Prodigy’s “The Fat of the Land”.
Source: Bandcamp


Genre: electronic, industrial, rock, soundtrack

J. Whitman was inspired by Daft Punk’s soundtrack Free MP3 Download: 10 Instrumental Soundtrack Albums [Sound Sunday] Free MP3 Download: 10 Instrumental Soundtrack Albums [Sound Sunday] Energizing soundtrack music from a range of genres, including rock, electronic, and classical. Free downloads as MP3 or FLAC. Read More for the movie TRON: Legacy, as well as science fiction and outer space in general.

Genre: electronic, disco, house, dubstep, techno, trap

Of Synths And Samples is a co-production of artists from the subreddit /r/edmproduction. The 23,000 member strong community gave rise to contributing artists and voted on their favorite tracks. All proceeds from this album are donated to The All Stars Project.

Genre: drum & bass, electronic, house, dubstep, hip hop

The song Bassline Funk is what happened when producer Morgan Donor listened to Daft Punk; a funky French House tune. Morgan says his compositions are a wild mix due to his broad taste in music. That’s true, except for the steady electronic drum & bass base to all his songs.

The Mixtape

Want to listen to this edition in one go? Try the Minilogs Mixtape below or visit Sound Sunday on Minilogs.

In Love With Daft Punk Yet?

We’re looking forward to hearing from you! Post your thoughts and requests in the comments, add music to the Sound Sunday Suggestions playlist on minilogs, get in touch with me @TinaSieber on Twitter, or email tina at this domain.

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  1. David
    June 9, 2014 at 11:28 am

    Thank you, Tina. This week was a total winner!

    • Tina S
      June 9, 2014 at 12:36 pm

      Happy to hear, David! :)