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If you are worried about privacy and feel uncomfortable browsing some websites because you may compromise your information, CyberGhost is an excellent tool to fix that problem. It is a free VPN that lets you surf the web anonymously so you don’t have to worry about websites spying on you or hackers getting your information.

With the free version, you can browse up to 1GB of traffic for up to 6 hours at any given time. The tool not only works for browsers but also for messengers and download clients such as Torrents and FTP. It completely eliminates the need for searching for new proxy servers every day.


  • Surf the web anonymously without compromising your privacy.
  • Works with browsers, games, download clients and messengers.
  • Upto 1 GB of traffic and 6 hours of connectivity for free.
  • Choose from a number of VPN servers from all over the world.

Download CyberGhost @ 

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