CVMaker: Make A CV Online For Free & Download as PDF

A number of online tools help you create a CV and download it. But most of them are complicated and do not offer a quick approach. For speed and simplicity, pay a visit to CVMaker.

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CVMaker is a free web service that lets you make a CV online for free. It offers a supremely easy editing interface. The fields and their labels are on the left whereas the information for each field is on the right pane. You can add a custom field by clicking on the “Add a new section” button.

The sections can be moved around using simple drag & drop. When done editing, you can download your CV’s PDF file.

Two styles are provided: Executive and Elegant. Download both and see which one suits your tastes best.

clip image00417   CVMaker: Make A CV Online For Free & Download as PDF


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Lets you create a CV online.
  • Lets you create custom fields and sections in the CV.
  • Lets you download a PDF copy of the CV in “Executive” and “Elegant” styles.
  • Similar tools: HappyCV, CeeVee, VisualCV, ResumeRace and SampleResumeTemplate.

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Tried it out. Cool!

Andrey Nikishaev

Try this


Another cool site where you can make your rfesume or CV is comoto try it out at, pretty cool with free cv templates, multiple CV’s and a lot of other features.



Nice app, thanks for the share