CutMyPic: Online Picture Cutter

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CutMyPic is a simple online picture cutter online where you may upload an image from your computer and crop out any section. You can also rotate images, add shadows and rounded corners. When changes are completed, the image can be shared via email or saved back onto computer.

picture cutter online

online picture cutter


  • East to use online photo cropper.
  • Rotate, add shadows and rounded corners.
  • Supported image formats: JPG, GIF and PNG.
  • Save edited images back onto your computer or share via email.
  • No registration.
  • Similar tools: ResizeYourImage, EasyCropper and PicSlice.

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I’m using GIMP for this purpose and others such as resizing and adding text to photos, so I don’t need this.
Something I would very much like to find (or learn) would be a means of burning a small image into another photo.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.



i’m gonna make my own journal

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