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Maybe it’s an intro to a song you don’t really like, or a hidden track you’d rather not be included on your MP3. Or maybe you just want to isolate one part of your favorite podcast. Whatever the reason, sometimes you want to cut an MP3 down to size.

You could download or purchase a dedicated program for this, but use CutMP3 and you can get the job done quickly from your browser. This flash-based web app is different than most in that your data is never actually uploaded to another server – everything happens locally.

cut mp3s online

Simply point the site towards the MP3 you want to bring down to size, and the web app will analyze it. You’ll now be able to pick a new start and end time for the MP3, and even preview what the changes you made will sound like. That’s all you can do with this simple web app, but if that’s all you need it’ll work great.


Check out CutMP3 @


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