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customize facebook fan pageHaving a Facebook fan page is a good way to promote your blog How To Promote Your Blog Using Facebook Pages How To Promote Your Blog Using Facebook Pages Read More , your business 4 Easy Steps To Promote Your Business On Facebook 4 Easy Steps To Promote Your Business On Facebook Read More , or anything else you do in the online world. As Facebook’s user base increasingly grows larger (it just hit 500 million), so do the benefits of having a fan page to market your content.

If you’re a frequent visitor of other peoples’ fan pages you may have noticed that some of them customize the Facebook fan page with a nice Welcome tab to greet new users of the site. Some even default to that tab every time you visit. But, how do they do that?

In this article I am going to show you how to customize your Facebook page with a Welcome tab. I’ll walk you through the steps you need to take to get the tab on your page, as well as cite examples of how can you use this utility to your benefit.

Join Make Use Of On Facebook

While I have you here, I should probably mention that MUO has a Facebook fan page. If you like what we offer on our site, head over to the Facebook page and join in the conversation that goes on there. We list the most popular articles, hold polls and giveaways, and offer sneak peaks of new articles and features there.

While you’re there, check out our Welcome tab. On it, we give you 10 very good reasons why you should ‘Like’ Make Use Of, as seen here:


customize facebook fan page

See the call-to-action at the bottom there? That’s just one of the ways you can utilize the Welcome tab.

What Else Can I Do?

facebook fan page

Some calls-to-action are a little more blatant, like the patented arrow to the Like button. Like I said, the Welcome tab can be used for many creative reasons, one being to get users to ‘Like’ your page so you can begin serving them content on their news feeds.

facebook fan page

The last example I’ll give is that of the informational welcome message. Some companies use their Welcome tab to describe their services or background story. This can help keep visitors on your page, especially if it isn’t blatantly obvious what you do.

How Do I Get This On My Page?

Now that you see some of the benefits of using a Welcome tab, I can show you where to get this app. The first thing you have to do is navigate to the applications page.

facebook fan page

Once you’re there, just type ‘welcome tab‘ into the search field and hit Enter on your keyboard. Welcome Tab for pages should be the first result that comes up, so click on that to go to the app’s page. You can feel free to try any of the other apps if you like.

how to create a fan page on facebook

Click on Add to my Page to add the application to your fan page (Clicking Go to Application should work too).

how to create a fan page on facebook

Clicking that option should open a pop-up that looks similar to this one. If you manage any fan pages they should be listed there. Select the page you would like to add the tab to and hit Close.

Now What?

Now head over to your fan page. There should already be a Welcome tab there for you to play with (If not try this). They ask for you to sign up to remove a box from the top of your tab page (which I think is pretty lame) but my advice would be to just use a service like Mailinator Five Free Temporary Email Services To Avoid Spam Five Free Temporary Email Services To Avoid Spam Read More for that. Feel free to try the app out before doing that part if you like.

customize facebook fan page

Then, you can begin customizing your tab using text and HTML. The app will even keep analytics so you can see the number of people who have visited your fan page over the coming months.

Sweet. Anything Else?

how to create a fan page on facebook

If you go back to your fan page’s home screen and click on Edit Page, you can set your Welcome tab as the default tab everyone who visits your page will see. Simply go under Wall Settings and change Default Landing Tab for Everyone Else to Welcome.

[Note]: If you like, another noteworthy app you should check out is Static FBML. I haven’t tried it but a lot of people have and it has received many very positive reviews.

What do you think about adding a landing page to customize your Facebook fan page? Are there any apps you like better? Leave your comments in the DISQUS section below!

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