Currency Converter Allows You To Convert Any Kind Of Money [Chrome]

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currency converterDo you often have to deal with currency from other countries? It can be a real pain, because let us face it, we are just accustomed to type of money used in our own, native country. For most of us, it’s all we’ve ever known. For Americans, we just think about the cost of things in terms of how dollars it will cost us to buy it. The same is true for many European countries where the Euro is the standard form of money.

It gets even more confusing when you start talking in terms of countries that use the same name for their money, but with different values due to the exchange rate. For example, Australia, The United States, and Canada all use a dollar, but it is worth a different amount in each place!

To sift through the currency converting madness, we turn to the Internet. There are plenty of websites that can convert for you, even Google has a system in place, but with extensions, there is an even easier way. Instead of having to open a new tab and convert, you can do it right from Chrome’s extension bar with an easy to use, and aptly named extension called Currency Converter. It takes the fuss out of converting and makes it incredibly simple.

Set Up

currency converter

Currency Converter is available from the Chrome Webstore. It is completely free. All you need to do is head over to the Webstore and download the free extension. It will run through its process, and within a couple of seconds, you will have the extension ready to download and start converting your funds.


In order for an extension like this to work, it needs to have lots of different currencies available. Well, in the case of Currency Converter for Chrome, you get over 150 different currencies built-in. Chances are great that if there is a type of money you need to convert to another type, this Chrome extension can handle it with ease.

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online currency converter

The thing that really makes this Chrome extension stand out is that it can convert multiple currencies at the same time. In fact, it can convert up to 15 different types of money at one time. So if you need to know how US dollars convert to Australian Dollars, Euros, Pounds, Yen, and Swiss Franks, the extension can handle that for you.

currency converter

The extension comes with no fancy settings or anything to tweak, so using it is incredibly easy. You simply choose the type of money you want to convert, and all the different currencies you want to convert it to. You don’t even have to hit enter; it converts in real-time, so you see the results as it happens. There is a simple “Add” button for adding new conversions, and a “Remove” button for getting rid of the one on the bottom.


It does not get much easier than this for converting money. If you need to deal with multiple currencies, this is the currency converter extension for you. It makes the process easy, and allows you to convert multiple currencies at ones. Best of all, it does it in real-time, so there is no waiting for it to load.

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