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CupCloud is a free to use web service that is currently in its beta. The application provides a very efficient solution to an inconvenience that many of us face – resuming our work on a different computer than the one we are currently using. Even if it is not a different computer that you are resuming your work on, there are situations in which starting from where you left off is not an easy task.

For example, you might have to restart your system. In this case, you would first bookmark all the open tabs in your web browsers and you would remember which documents were open. Only then will you be able to resume your work exactly from where you left off. But thanks to this application, all it takes is clicking two buttons.


CupCloud is a desktop app that comes for Windows as well as Mac computers. The application silently runs in the background and you can bring it to the foreground whenever you want to save your work sessions. With the application’s window open, you can click on the Cup button and your work is saved. You can then open the app in any other machine you have installed and click on the Uncup button to resume your work exactly from where it was left off. The ‘cups’ you create can be shared with others – this enables collaboration in a novel way.

The synchronization of working points is done through your online CupCloud account.



  • A user friendly desktop app.
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac computers.
  • Lets you save your work sessions.
  • You can restore work sessions yourself and even share them with friends.
  • Similar app: Kloudless.

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