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Website themes and test websites often have Lorem Ipsum a.k.a. dummy text on their webpages to fill out the text portions. But since many people are familiar with the standard dummy text patterns, web tools are now being created to generate unique forms of Lorem Ipsum, one of which is a fun tool to use called Cupcake Ipsum.

generate lorem ipsum text

What sets the site apart from other online dummy text generators is that it incorporates plenty of cupcake-related words. Basically all words relevant to candies, cakes, and sweets are used in the dummy text generation by Cupcake Ipsum.


All you need to do to generate the text is specify the number of paragraphs you want and whether you want each paragraph to be long, medium, or short. Optionally you can include the word ‘love’ plenty of times in your Lorem Ipsum.



Check out Cupcake Ipsum @

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