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First of a kind, online teleprompter (autocue) service. Just copy and paste to CuePrompter some text and it will run an enlarged line-by-line copy of it. Not sure what teleprompter is? Teleprompter – A trademark used for the device that shows an actor or a speaker an enlarged line-by-line reproduction of a script, unseen by the audience.

Online Teleprompter

Feature List:

  • Full-screen mode enabled online teleprompter.
  • No sign up or installation needed.
  • Text Controls: adjustable speed (from 1 to 9), forward/stop/reverse scrolling buttons, choose between different font sizes.
  • Switch between ‘Normal’ and ‘Mirror’ views (on Internet Explorer only).
  • Maximum 2000 characters at one session.

Check out CuePrompter @

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