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cucumis is a community of translators who share their linguistic knowledge. The idea here is to help others translate something(paragraph, article or even just a couple of words) from one language to another and earn points, and use them later whenever you need to get translation for something yourself. In case you don’t know any foreign language, you still can use cucumis as every 10 days it gives gives away 300 points for free.

To ensure medium quality all submitted translations are first rated by cucumis experts. Translator can even get promoted to an ‘expert’ level for a given language when s/he has completed several translations with an avg. rating higher then 7/10. Cool part about being expert is that you’re awarded twice more points for translation then standard member, this also means be ready to give away twice more points if you need good quality translation.

Check out screenshot (left) of one of translation requests (from Portuguese-Brazilian to Urdu). It states that reward for translation is 13 points and lists already submitted translations. You can complete this request if you know either source or one of the completed languages. And by the way I have no idea how these guyz calculate these points, it’s not mentioned anywhere.


To get involved you need to register(free). There is one useful option to get notified by email whenever there is new translation request matching your preferences.

That’s mainly it…let me know if you know something similar

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