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There are numerous websites that let you be creative with paper. Adding to this list is Cube Creator, a site that provides you with a printable cube template that you can customize and print.

Cube Creator is a free to use website that helps you create cubes with whatever you want on them. The site provides you with four basic cube options: a bio cube for biographies, a mystery cube for jotting down points for your stories or articles, a story cube for mapping your story elements, and a custom cube on which you can put down anything you want.

When it comes to editing your cube, you click on individual faces of the cube on the left pane and then type the text to go on it in the right pane.

When you are done, a preview of your cube template is shown and you can either print it out or save it as an offline file that can later be loaded into the site’s interface.



  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Provides you with cube templates.
  • Offers various types of creative cubes.
  • Lets you type the text on each face of the cube.
  • Provides cube template for printing or for saving as an offline file.
  • Similar tools: Printsgram and PaperCritters.

Check out Cube Creator @ 

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