CTunnel: Unblock Restricted Sites

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CTunnel is yet another online proxy to browse through the web by avoiding URL or IP based filtering. It is useful to unblock restricted sites that have been banned in your school, college or workplace. Using CTunnel, you stay anonymous and the website you are surfing cannot be traced.

Say, Facebook or Orkut is banned on your network. The moment you try to surf to Orkut, a software on the server detects it and disallows it. With CTunnel, it wont be so anymore. Just open up the CTunnel home page and specify the URL of the site you want to surf.

ctunnel1   CTunnel: Unblock Restricted Sites

ctunnel11   CTunnel: Unblock Restricted Sites


  • Proxy service site to avoid URL and IP based filtering.
  • Surf banned websites on the network.
  • Avoid cookies and scripts.
  • Stay Anonymous.

In case CTunnel doesn’t work for you there are some other options you can try. Primeproxies keeps an up-to-date proxy servers list. You can also check out our earlier post on how to bypass blocked sites.

Check out @ CTunnel.com

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OK….so what if the webfilter blocks ctunnel.com?


Tried Ctunnel. Got a pop-up and a virus alert from my anti-virus program. Unable to close tab or IE without a reboot of the pc


we need more unblock sites


here the Ctunnel itself is blocked then what to do ?
plz rply

nikhil liam murphy

i like boys


You can use internet based proxies too!

Kinshuk Sunil

if in case ctunnel itself is blocked then it cant be helped mate! u’d need a proxy to access ctunnel itself. :)

Kinshuk Sunil

Scott that doesnt sound like a CTunnel problem. Mor elike a Spyware/IE issue… please scan your system with a good antivirus :)