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Web developers often face strict deadlines when projects need to be completed. Thus they can use all the time-saving resources that are available. If you are a web developer that works with CSS, then there is a web tool that will save time while creating rounded cornered boxes; this tool is CSS Round.

make rounded corners in css

CSS Round is a simple web tool that will save time when you need to create round cornered boxes in CSS. All you need to do is enter the box’s parameters. These parameters include the text contained within the box, box color, background color, text color, and the dimensions of the box in pixels. After clicking on the ‘Generate’ button your button will be created and displayed.

create rounded corners in css

If you scroll down just a little, you will find the button’s CSS code that can be copied and used in your project.

create rounded corners css


The site also provides you with the four rounded corners separately as PNG image files.

A ZIP archive is also offered as a download; this archive contains the four PNG images of the corners and an HTML file that contains the box’s code.


  • A user friendly web service.
  • A very useful tool for developers working with CSS.
  • Helps you create rounded corners in CSS.
  • Provides the CSS code for the generated box.
  • Provides PNG images of the four corners.
  • Similar tools: CornerShop, HTML and CSS Rounded Corner Button Generator and Rounded CSS Boxes.

Check out CSS Round @

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