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CSS galleries are a great way for web designers to publicize their work and increase their visibility. There are lots of CSS galleries on the web today but submitting your design to them can be a tedious process.

CSSGallerySubmission is a css gallery submission tool that helps you submit your website to hundreds of CSS galleries easily by letting you drag and drop your information to the galleries’ application forms, so that you don’t have to enter them every time.

css gallery submission

To use CSSGallerySubmission, fill out a simple form with questions usually asked by CSS galleries. Once you click the start button, a new window with the frames will open to start the submission process.

The top frame will let you navigate to the next CSS gallery; the main frame contains the CSS gallery submission page; and the right frame contains the draggable fields that you filled out earlier. Simply drag the fields from the right frame to the application form in the main frame and fill out the rest of the form manually if the answer is not available for dragging.

After submitting your form for that site, just proceed to the next site using the top frame.


css gallery submission

css gallery submission

CSSGallerySubmission is a brilliant web app for getting yourself listed in these top galleries in minutes.

css gallery submission


  • Submit your website to CSS galleries easily for free.
  • Drag the answers for submission forms.
  • Supports over 290 active CSS galleries.
  • Submission tool shows gallery’s Pagerank and Alexa rank.
  • Top ranking sites will come up first in the submission tool.
  • Similar Tools: MeeCSS, Drawter, CSSGridBuilder, and CSSDesk.

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    Thanks for featuring our site! We also regularly update our css gallery list database, please follow us at twitter @csssubmission to get latest updates