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Before CSS3 came into play, developers had a really hard time putting round corners in their design and usually had to go through images or multiple DIV tags. CSS3 solved that problem by introducing the Border Radius element, but it still requires you to write a few lines of code specially if you have to specify different value for each corner. CSSBorderRadiusGenerator however lets you generate CSS code for your desired values automatically.

Just enter the value you want for each corner, and specify if you want support for Gecko, WebKit and CSS3. As soon as you make your choices, the tool generates CSS code for you that you can copy and use in your stylesheet. There is now download or registration required.

generate css borders


  • Generate CSS code for rounded corners.
  • Specify desired value for each corner.
  • No registration required.
  • Similar tools: CSSRound, CornerShop, HTML andĀ CSS Rounded Corner Button Generator andĀ Rounded CSS Boxes.

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