CSSPrefixer: Automatically Add Vendor Prefixes In Your CSS For All Web Browsers

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Designers and developers working with CSS will undoubtedly find it inconvenient to write vendor prefixes for all web browsers. CSS Prefixer is a nifty web tool that solves this problem and saves you valuable time.


CSS Prefixer adds vendor prefixes into your CSS code and helps to save you valuable time. Usage of the tool is extremely simple: just type in the CSS code and click on the green “Process” button. The “prefixes-added” version is almost instantly displayed.


This code can now be copied and easily used in your project.


  • A user-friendly website.
  • Adds vendor prefixes for all browsers in your CSS.
  • Helps saves time getting the final CSS.

Check out CSSPrefixer @ www.cssprefixer.appspot.com

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But at the end line , it is removing the semicolon ;
is it good for browser?

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