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CSS Gradient Button is a website for web developers and web designers that allow them to create a button using HTML & CSS coding.

create gradient buttons

One of the best features of CSS Gradient Button is the fact that the website does not require users to have any sort of knowledge of HTML or CSS and users just need to select the color of the button and choose the appropriate text for the button.

The users can click on the “Edit button” option to edit the CSS button. There, the users can edit the text written inside the button, the font for the text, shadows, borders and many more options.

Once the button has been created according to the user’s liking – the button preview can be seen at all times on the main-page of the website, right above the “Edit button” link – the user can check below for the HTML & CSS code. Just copy down the code and insert it on your website, blog, etc.



Check out CSS Gradient Button @

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