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You may change the channel everytime you see C-SPAN on, but you shouldn’t. C-SPAN provides something the major cable news networks don’t: context. Instead of picking a few quotes and pretending these statements represent the entirety of a given politician’s point, C-SPAN allows you to witness a politician’s entire speech – nuance and all.

If you’d rather not watch C-SPAN for days at a time, but would like to find out in what context a politician said something, the newly launched C-SPAN’s video archive is perfect for you. Find the relevant floor debate or speech by searching the archive, or just find an issue that’s important to you and see what Washington is up to regarding it. It’s C-SPAN for the YouTube age.

c-span video archives

And like YouTube, the videos are completely searchable. Enter any term, and all of C-SPAN’s archives will be scoured for you. The footage dates back to 1987, so there’s a lot to work with here. It’s a video transcript of everything that has been said in every branch of government dating back almost 25 years. Bloggers should make use of this to hold politicians accountable for past sayings.


  • All C-SPAN broadcasts since 1987, online.
  • Searchable database allows you to find any video you can imagine.
  • The ultimate tool for bloggers to keep politicians accountable.

Check out C-SPAN’s Video Library @


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