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There are numerous ways to encrypt your text using various kinds of keys. But almost always, these tools generate an encrypted text that a viewer can quickly determine the nature of – encryption. If you really want to hide the fact that you have encrypted anything, you should perhaps go for a very effective technique called image encryption. Through the shapes and pixels in an image, encryption tools are able to hide your text within the image. Here to let you do this very simply is a web app called CryptureIt.

encrypt text in images

CryptureIt is a free to use website that lets you easily encrypt text into images. You start by typing in the text that you want encrypted. Next, you type in a password that will be used to decrypt your encrypted images. For the image selection options, you can either go with a picture provided by the site or you can upload one of your own images.

Supported images are ones that are in the JPG or JPEG image format with maximum dimensions of 800×800 pixels. Finally, you type in the CAPTCHA text and then download your encrypted image in the PNG file format.

You can pass the same image along with your password to the site’s decrypting tool in order to obtain the encrypted text.



  • A user friendly web service.
  • Lets you encrypt text into images.
  • Uses a textual password as encryption key.
  • Supports JPEG for image encryption selection.
  • Provided encrypted image in the PNG file format.

Check out CryptureIt @

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