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crowdrise fundraisingEvery now and then, you find some gem online which inspires you to be a better person and to raise awareness and money for causes you believe in. Sometimes this might be an inspiring post or it might be that you’ve seen someone else really working towards something they believe in. Less often, you might find something that helps you to achieve your goals.

This is where Crowdrise fits in it helps you to support what you think is important. It enables you to create fundraising drives, campaigns and more. Plus, it will inspire you to work harder by showing you what other people are doing with the site. Once you get the bug you’ll be organising campaigns left, right and centre. It will feel great to be able to say you’re really working towards results for all of the causes you believe in.

What’s Crowdrise?

In essence, Crowdrise is a simple way to create fundraising campaigns for your favourite causes. You can use it to fundraise for a charity or for an event all you do is sign up, tell your story in simple English, add photos or video and share your cause with your friends and followers. They can either help to promote your cause or donate immediately. It’s that simple.

crowdrise fundraising

Crowdrise says


Our goal at Crowdrise is to make fundraising so fun and addicting that everyone wants to do more of it. The power of the crowd is real, lots of small donations really do add up, and the Crowdrise community can have a monumental impact on causes around the world.

How Does Crowdwise Work?

Crowdrise works by allowing you to be in charge of your own fundraising project and goals, but it also enables the Crowdrise community to support you and your ideals by letting other users vote on your projects. You get 100 points for every community vote for your project, plus 10 points for every dollar you raise. If your project has lots of points, you’ll be featured on a leaderboard and receive even more attention, votes and donations for your cause. There’s also a number of incentives for donating and raising money via Crowdrise.

crowdrise reviews

Not only can the Crowdrise community donate and vote for your project, but they can actively help to support it too. You never know who might jump on board to help you out! Individual Crowdrise users have incentives within the site too. Whenever you raise points for your projects, you’re also stacking up points beside your name. Top users will be featured in a leaderboard and awarded silly titles to show just how far they’ve come. See featured user Tiffany here.

Don’t forget donations are tax deductible in many countries and that Crowdrise helps to facilitate extra donations by ensuring receipts are sent immediately and on request if required. Crowdrise itself takes a 5% payment and a small transaction fee for each donation.

crowdrise reviews

Getting started with Crowdrise only involves a simple sign-up form. After that you can choose which details to add now and which to add later. Hint: Adding yourself to the mailing list scores you 500 points to start you off!

What Could You Use Crowdwise For?

The best way to get ideas is to check out the top projects currently funded through Crowdrise. Also check out what projects are being supported by celebrities and jump on board.

crowdrise reviews

Or do you have a cause you’re itching to support? Search for it and either join a project already underway or start it yourself.

One of the more interesting ideas to come out of Crowdrise is the idea of sponsored volunteerism. If you want to volunteer your time directly to a project, but don’t want to starve in the meantime, Crowdrise can help you to raise money to fund yourself. If enough people think your time is worthwhile, you might be able to continue this for some time.

what is crowdrise

What’s Similar To Crowdwise?

crowdrise fundraising

If you’re keen to volunteer or fundraise online, there’s a few other sites where you can achieve this.

There are many ways to be charitable online 5 Easy Ways to Be Charitable in the Year Ahead 5 Easy Ways to Be Charitable in the Year Ahead Read More but most of them work in slightly different ways. I see JustGiving and Facebook Causes as the big competitors for Crowdrise, but I think there’s room enough for all of them to co-exist nicely.

What Will You Do With Crowdrise?

Now that you’ve seen just how easy it is to start fundraising for things you believe in, what will you work on? Feel free to share your Crowdrise projects with us in the comments!

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