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funding sources for science and engineeringIf you’ve loved seeing the amazing crowdsourcing capabilities of Kickstarter in action, then you’ll love the new crowdfunding 5 Crowd Funding Websites To Support Your Favourite Charities, Bands & Projects 5 Crowd Funding Websites To Support Your Favourite Charities, Bands & Projects Read More player on the block, RocketHub. RocketHub says it aims to help artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists get funded, but it seems to be highly focused on the sciences.

This scientific leaning is an exciting new direction for worldwide science funding to take. It could open up doors for researchers and developers while finding solutions to environmental problems. It can help aid workers to invent and create tools to assist needy people in third world countries or disaster areas.

funding sources for science and engineering

How Does RocketHub Work?

RocketHub gets “Creatives” to list their projects in the database, whether they be artistic, scientific or some other venture. As long as it’s legal and in good taste, the campaign is welcome on RocketHub. Everyday venture capitalists can then help to “Fuel” the campaigns by donating money.

science funding

What Projects Can You Fund?

What if there were scientists who thought they could do something to help the sufferers of a rare disease? Maybe governments would overlook funding them if they weren’t going to help enough people in their country, but worldwide individual funding might manage to raise enough money for them to complete their work.


science funding

RocketHub organises projects into primary tags and categories to cover all types of campaigns. For instance, check out the “Selfless” tag if you want to donate to a humanitarian or environmental project. Sadly, the RocketHub interface makes the esoteric tagging system more prominent in the sidebar than the more functional categories listings which are seen only in a drop-down menu.

science funding

Another RocketHub initiative is to partner with other organisations who will match donations for particular campaigns. One of these is the eMusic partner who helps to fund independent musicians to release music and go on tours. Another is the #SciFund venture to promote science research and development. Take a look at the RocketHub #SciFund campaigns, or learn more about the SciFund Challenge on their website or by watching this introductory video.

Not all science-related ventures are listed in the #SciFund Challenge though, so do check the Science category if you want to view more science projects. Category listings will also lead you to find things like films, events and software campaigns.

science funding, science funding foundations

What Does It Cost?

There’s no initial fee to set up a project. RocketHub charges a 4% fee on projects which reach their target, while charging an 8% fee to projects which fail to meet their targets. This encourages campaigners to set reasonable goals and to promote their projects well. There’s also a 4% charge for credit card processing.

funding sources for science and engineering

More Science News & Projects

If you love being involved in current science projects and keeping up-to-date with new developments, check out these articles:

What sort of campaigns are you tempted to fund on RocketHub? What do you think about crowdsourcing scientific research? Will it work in the long run?

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