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drop7 free androidIf you have been following a few of my recent posts, you would have noticed that I am on a puzzle playing spree. Play a few games like Diamond Dash Go For A Jewel Rush And Try To Beat The Clock On Diamond Dash [iOS] Go For A Jewel Rush And Try To Beat The Clock On Diamond Dash [iOS] As you can see, there’s no dearth of ‘time-wasters’ and they get to be quite addictive too. Diamond Dash ticks all the right boxes if you are looking for such kind of games. It is... Read More and The Plateau Play The Simplest Intergalactic Puzzle Game & Bend Your Mind On The Plateau [iOS] Play The Simplest Intergalactic Puzzle Game & Bend Your Mind On The Plateau [iOS] Sometimes, one comes across a game that defies a description. You cannot pin it down. Not for its complexity, but rather for its simplicity. Some call these games as ‘time-wasters’ in an acknowledgement of their... Read More and puzzlers get to be an addiction. So, just like any other addiction, I went hunting for my next big fix. I found it on the Google Play Store in a game called Drop7.

Drop7 is a Zynga game (I reviewed Scramble with Friends Beat Your Friends At Their Own Word Game In Scramble With Friends [Android] Beat Your Friends At Their Own Word Game In Scramble With Friends [Android] It need not always be about sharpening your vocabulary; though that helps. Word games can be just fun. And when you introduce competitive game play against others in the digital Wild West of the web,... Read More , another Zynga product recently). Zynga has good antecedents when it comes to online games, so you know that there’s a good chance that the $2.99 you spend on Drop7 won’t be a bad investment for a round of exercise at the brain gym. So to give you an overview of the game, let me quote another user who put forth his views on the game page: One more addiction! Excellent game, easy to play but really hard to master.

Drop7 – A Marriage Made In Puzzle Heaven

Drop7 is what you get when you combine the simplicity of Tetris with the brain squashing logic of Sudoku Satisfy Your Sudoku Cravings With Andoku Sudoku! [Android] Satisfy Your Sudoku Cravings With Andoku Sudoku! [Android] Puzzle games are all the rage these days. As with all things related to technology, puzzle games have been evolving - and quite rapidly, too. Have you seen the new Alchemy game? Yet even as... Read More . The Tetris part of the game involves dropping numbered discs on a 7×7 square grid, one on top of the other, and a few in the empty spaces in between a ’la Tetris. The Sudoku inspiration is found in the discs which are numbered and your puzzling job is to match that number to the number of contiguous discs in a row or column. Make them disappear and keep yourself alive on the board. Here’s what a Drop7 board looks like:

drop7 free android

It takes a bit of time to wrap your head around the game because even the instructions don’t reflect the true nature of the game. You have to contend with a few mysterious grey discs also.

drop7 android review


So, let’s go a bit more slowly and describe the game play in fuller detail.

The Gameplay Is Just Simple Math

Drop colored discs with numbers on to the grid. The objective is to make these discs disappear and not allow the grid to fill up.

A disc will disappear when the number on the disc is equal to the number of neighboring discs in a horizontal or vertical direction. Please note: it should be equal to the number of surrounding discs NOT equal to the number on the surrounding discs. You can count the total number of discs horizontally and vertically. The dropped colored disc is also included in the total count for the row or column. Drop the discs in the empty spaces in between other discs and do the simple math.

drop7 android review

There are special grey colored discs. It is a regular colored disc with its number “hidden”. To reveal the gray disc’s number, you will first need to “crack” its shell two times. You’ll crack a gray disc each time a disc that is touching the grey disc disappears.

drop7 android review

Sometimes a break will set off chain reactions and more than a few colored discs will disappear. This is the fastest route to accumulate points and clear space on the board.

A drop counter below the grid shows your progress towards the next level. When you reach a new level, a row of gray discs emerges from the bottom of the screen and bump everything up one place. You have to try harder as you advance to the higher levels. You will lose the game if there are no spaces left to drop the colored discs and it gets pushed out from the grid. So, keep breaking the discs…setting off chain reactions…and clearing up space.

If you get the drop on the game (pun intended), then there are three modes to contend with. Pretty much self-explanatory.

drop7 free android

Download & Install

Drop7 is available for both Android and iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch). As I said before, the game costs $2.99 on both platforms. There is a free version available for iOS too. You can install it on any Android running version 1.5+ of the operating system.

A Well-Reviewed Game

Drop7 has got its share of the applause ever since it was released. We also have it on our Best Android Games list. There’s nothing really wrong with the game. It could be bit of a squeeze playing on smaller screens and with chubby fingers. But you can afford to go slow as there isn’t any time counter to push you. I am also not sure how it scales up to larger tablet screens because a few users seem to have found a minor fault with that. But hey! I can live with that because the puzzle game really is taking my brain through a few hard drills. What about you?

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  1. kimp
    July 5, 2015 at 7:56 pm

    Another great clear-the-numbers game for iOS is Sum Fun. A free math game with explosions :)

  2. KS Chong
    July 14, 2013 at 10:32 pm

    Fans of Drop7 might like to also look at this Drop7 inspired game, Numerous

    • Saikat Basu
      July 15, 2013 at 6:19 am

      Clear the numbers games are always good for a few rounds. Thanks for the link :)