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Copy editing on paper is easy: just mark everything up with a red pen. Online can get complicated. Sure, you can use the track changes feature in Microsoft Office combined with the notes function, but that’s not as efficient as it could be. If you’re looking for a different way, check out CrocoDoc.

This simple web app allows you to upload PDFs, Word documents and PowerPoint presentations, then mark them up with a few efficient tools: a highlighter, strikeout, red text and even sticky notes.

mark up document

mark up document

No login is required to use the service: simply upload your file and you’ll be given a link where you or your copy editor can reach it. Want to protect confidential information? You can add a password to any document easily.

This is not a full-blown replacement for Microsoft Word or any word processor, but it is a great alternative to a physical print-out and a red pen.



  • Share and mark up document drafts onaline
  • Supports  PDF, Word documents or PowerPoint presentations.
  • Highlight content, leave red text, strike text out or leave sticky notes.
  • No login required; just upload the document to receive a link you can share with anyone.
  • Optional password protection for any individual document.
  • Similar tools: Shutterborg

Check out CrocoDoc @

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  1. Dustin Schroeder
    March 19, 2010 at 12:15 pm

    This seems like a very useful tool. I can imagine user reviewers using CrocoDoc to give feedback on software documentation before it hits the "printing press."