Create Your Own Music Video With Video Star [iOS]

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video star   Create Your Own Music Video With Video Star [iOS]When it comes to photography and video apps for the iPhone and other iOS devices, developers keep coming up with amazing fun programs for all ages. Point in case, a popular five-star app called Video Star, which mixes karaoke and music videos for some crazy fun productions.

Video Star enables you to create music video based on lip-syncing a song track in your video supported iOS device. You simply launch the app, choose a song like Donna Summers “Last Dance,” record yourself or someone else to lip-sync the song, and add special effects as you record the production. In a matter of minutes you can produce and share your music video.

Here’s a sample video that shows just such a production:


How It Works

For the most part, Video Star is fairly intuitive, but let’s walk through how it works and get acquainted with some of its less obvious features. After you launch the app, simply tap the plus button and choose a song from your iTunes library. Video Star will also connect to the iTunes Music Store so you can download songs directly to your device.

video star 1   Create Your Own Music Video With Video Star [iOS]

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At this point you can preview the song, select OK, and moved to the next step to the Recording. But notice also you can tap the Adjust button to change the speed and pitch of the song.

video star 2   Create Your Own Music Video With Video Star [iOS]

For a quick fun production, you simply tap the Record button and lip-syc the song. Because you’re not recording audio, you can actually sing out loud and your voice won’t be recorded.

If you record yourself, of course you need to select the front facing camera. As you do the recording, you can tap one of a dozen special effects that will be added to your production instantly as they are selected. You can tap different effects as you record to match the beats and changes in the song.

video star 9   Create Your Own Music Video With Video Star [iOS]

You can also stop the recording, change the scene, and then resume the song and recording. When you’re done you can preview the production, or edit the last scene. Or you can simply Start Over and do a second take.

You can make your video as fun and crazy as you like, but if you want it to look a little more professional, remember to not look into the screen itself, but move your eyes in the direction of the camera lens. Video Star gives you a little visual reminder before the recording actually starts.

video star1   Create Your Own Music Video With Video Star [iOS]

Advanced Features

There’s a lot more you can do with Video Star—too much to describe in this article. Tap the heart icon on the homepage of the app, and you can view several dozen Video Star productions, as well as how-to videos and instructions for advanced techniques.

video star 5   Create Your Own Music Video With Video Star [iOS]

After saving a production, you can select Edit – Modify on the homepage to get access to a wide range of other editing features, including fade-in and fade-out transitions, as well as Blur, Shutter, Jerky, and Flicker effects. There are also buttons for adjusting the brightness, color, and saturation of the video.

video star 15   Create Your Own Music Video With Video Star [iOS]

As you might expect, productions can be shared via email, YouTube, or saved to your Camera Roll.

video star 10   Create Your Own Music Video With Video Star [iOS]

The developers of Video Star know that you will have so much fun with this app that you will probably want to make a few in-app purchases of additional video effects at $0.99 a piece.

video star 16   Create Your Own Music Video With Video Star [iOS]

With Video Star, your music video can be as simple or as complex as you want. Let us know what you think of Video Star. If you have already posted a music video, share the link with us.

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justine mae

i want to learn how to edit videos then with music.

Bakari Chavanu

Justine, I don’t quite understand what you mean. Are referring to a movie editor like Final Cut Pro, and then adding music tracks to your production?


justine mae lague

i want to learn how to edit video with music.


Dave LeClair

Awesome. I’m going to make some really dumb stuff with this.

Bakari Chavanu

Lol, true. I’ve been trying to get my kids to play around with it during their summer break, and for some reason they don’t seem that interested. I think it’s really cool. There’s enough there to wet your imagination.



is it available on android ? ^^

Bakari Chavanu

Nelhortaleza, I’m not sure. You will have to look that up on the Android app site.



I Was wondering how do people make there video cuts to like.. u know how like theyll be singing n the room then it would switch to them n another room i was wondering how woulld u do that becuz when i check on my ipod ios 6.0 it doesnt have any buttons to take clips and switch them around like that but i really wanna do cool things like that do u know who they would do things like that ?

Bakari Chavanu

Alexis, sounds like you might need to use iMovie for what you’re trying to do.


klarisse anne

i want to learn how to search or make a video star please reply on how to go to that app

Bakari Chavanu

Klarisse, I don’t understand your question. Sorry.



i want to record a video of myself dancing to little mix wings without having to dowload or pay money

Bakari Chavanu

Hmm, sounds like you will need to get a video camera then.

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