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WordPress is an extremely popular platform for websites. If you want to open a blog using WordPress, you can choose from a huge collection of free or paid themes. But what if all you want is something simple to call your own?

Lubith lets you create simple yet surprisingly beautiful WordPress themes of your very own without even touching your keyboard (let alone coding). It’s not complicated, it’s not fancy, but if you want to create a simple WordPress theme for yourself in a few minutes, Lubith definitely does the trick. Let’s give it a spin and see what it can do.

Getting Started

Before you start designing, you’ll need to create an account on Lubith.

create wordpress theme

I usually don’t like creating accounts, but the website is so cheerful and pretty, the whole experience became quite enjoyable.

After creating an account, confirming it and logging in, you will get your very own default WordPress theme with which you can play to your heart’s content. Note that this is only a theme maker, so don’t try to change the text (as hard as it is designing a theme with a “Your Site Name” title). The buttons in the theme represent how the buttons will look in normal, pressed and moused-over conditions, so design them accordingly.


make wordpress theme

Getting Down To It

So what can you do with Lubith? To begin with, anything on the page is selectable, resizable and draggable. Move things around and resize them to get a feeling of what you want your theme to look like.

All the fonts on the page are changeable too. Simply choose the box you want to change and click the “text” menu. You can easily change all the post titles at once, for example.

make wordpress theme

You can change any background color and any text color. Choose what you want to change and click the “color” menu. What I missed most was a color picker tool. If I set one color to one box, how can I replicate the exact color again in a different box? The answer to this for now is to just copy the color code you need to replicate and paste it where you need it. Not ideal, but it works.

You can also choose transparent colors for your boxes or menu to have them blend with your chosen background by clicking the “Transparent” button in the color menu.

make wordpress theme


Now it’s time to organize your page a bit. Click the “layout” menu and decide whether you want a site title, a logo, sidebars and so on. Things change before your eyes as you click, so you can see exactly how the change affects the layout.

From here you can also change size and paddings for the different boxes on your page.

create a wordpress theme


You can easily add new images or delete images you don’t want. Click the “images” menu to do this. You can choose to upload any image you have on your computer and set how you’d like it to repeat (if at all).

create a wordpress theme

Test It!

When you think you’re done or when you just want to see what something you did looks like, click the “theme” menu and choose “Test It”. This will transport you to a magical place where you can see the theme you created.

create a wordpress theme

Here you can check what your buttons look like, normal, pressed, or moused-over. You can see how your menus work, how your site feels, and then go back to the editing section to make changes.

create wordpress theme

When you’re truly done, download your theme and open your blog! You can also save your work and come back to it at a later time.


You can’t create groundbreaking WordPress themes with Lubith – it’s missing some basic things such as widgets, and the controls you do get are rather basic. Having said that, for a non-coder like me, the ability to create a theme of my very own was fantastic. The tool is really fun to use, and if you try, you can create some beautiful things. Like I did!

Know of any similar tools we should try? Have any Lubith experiences you want to share? We’re waiting for your comments!

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  1. Yaara
    November 23, 2011 at 5:28 pm

    Hi Joe,

    As far as I can remember, when you design a theme with Lubith it doesn't include widgets. I'm sure there are certain ways to add some at a later point, but I think you'd do best to ask your question on MakeUseOf Answers

    I'm sure you'll get lots of speedy, informative replies. Good luck!

  2. ZaiN
    September 12, 2011 at 8:09 pm

    Finally an easy to use theme generator for wordpress. The interface is so user friendly, I just tried it out. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Yaara
      September 13, 2011 at 7:10 am

      That's great, I'm glad you found it useful!