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Regularly creating backups of your files is always a good practice. However, it can become very tedious and you have to manage numerous backups repeatedly. Fortunately, Create Synchronicity is a light but useful backup and sync software that will allow you to effortlessly manage your backups by letting you create your own profile and set up how the backup process is done.

backup and sync software

To use Syncrocity, download and install the app to your machine. Each profile will allow you to specify the source directory and the target directory so you can synchronize the contents of each respective folder. You can even choose from three synchronization methods: mirror, incremental, and two-way incremental.

You may also choose to include only certain files or even exclude formats. Finally, you can also schedule backups so that the process is done automatically at a time that you specify.

lightweight backup software

Create Synchronicity is a lightweight yet powerful file synchronization app useful for anyone who need a seamless backup solution.



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