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survey formsI have used Google Forms Use Google Forms To Collect Contact Info On A Mobile Device Use Google Forms To Collect Contact Info On A Mobile Device Using Google Forms, you can collect names, emails, and other contact information on your computer or mobile device that supports mobile browsing. All the data is saved to a spread sheet which can be used... Read More to post quick surveys and collect contact information for various purposes. As part of the Google Drive suite of tools, Google Forms is convenient and pretty easy to use. There are similar online form creation services Kill The Tedium of Online Forms With These 10 Great Autofill Tools Kill The Tedium of Online Forms With These 10 Great Autofill Tools Filling out forms online is something we all do. Whether it’s checking out our purchase on an online store, signing up for the online store, logging into an online store or adding new information to... Read More that are just as good, but none as far as I can tell are as stylish as the new Typeform form creation and data collection service, available for free at the beta level.

Typeform survey forms can be as simple or complex as you need, but what makes them unique is how the service allows you to make use of stylish designs and graphics to produce a survey or data collection form that is actually appealing to responders. The site provides a collection of sample forms for surveys, quizzes, ratings, contests, and simple data collection.

Basic Setup

As with any well-designed and attractive website, Typeform provides simple add and drop designed tools that allow you to create forms that can be used on cross-platform devices, including tablets and smartphones. Your form can start off with the welcome page for your survey, followed by a series of survey questions.

survey forms

Adding visual images and objects to your survey makes it consistent with how most of us read and consume information on the Internet. The goal is to have responders do less reading of long confusing questions, and instead use visual aids to help them make quicker responses.

create survey form


Even a simple color theme and font style can make a form a little more attractive to respond to.

create survey form

Creating a Form

After you register on the site with your own unique Typeform URL, the form builder consists of four main tools for creating, designing, configuring, and distributing your survey form. The build editor contains a collection of survey items (e.g. multiple-choice, rating, email address, long text, drop-down responses) that you can select from to build your form.

create survey form

Other data info, such as first and last name and phone number text fields are not yet available, but are coming soon. The Form builder also allows you to drop in a company logo or image to be used for a welcome screen. The form can even start off with a welcome video.

typeform beta

Design: The Design part of the form editor consists of a stylish collection of themes, fonts and color palettes to choose from, or you can start completely from scratch. You can also save your custom themes to be reused for other forms.

typeform beta

The background images provided in Typeform are somewhat limited, but it’s easy enough to add your own images. Typeform is most useful for people with with some understanding of graphic design principles How To Learn Principles of Design From Pre-Installed Templates How To Learn Principles of Design From Pre-Installed Templates Read More .

Configure Settings: Typeform also includes advanced settings that enable you to receive a custom email notification after each survey is responded to, as well as a user notification that can be emailed to responders.

typeform beta

The Configure section also includes a collection of interface elements that can be useful for helping responders progress through a survey. At any time during the process of creating a form, you can preview how it looks before it is made available for responses.

Distribution: As you might expect, your custom form is assigned a unique URL that you can share on your social networks, blog, or via email. Typeform also recently added a way to get the embed code for placing a form inside your own webpage, or make it a full page display.

The form styles, as you will see, look awesome on mobile devices. Hopefully, the developers will eventually produce a mobile app for using survey forms off-line.

PUBLISH embed widget


As you collect survey responses, you will, of course, want to view the results. Typeform’s Analytics report feature looks pretty impressive. It collects and reports responses from across devices. You can also download reports in .xls format.

Engaging, Beautiful, and Flexible

Similar to engaging infographics Create Your Own Infographic Using Create Your Own Infographic Using Infographics are perfect means to convey information and data analysis on the web, though it does take significant planning and powerful graphic design skills to create a compelling visual. But for those of us who... Read More that have become popular in the last year or two, Typeform forms provide the type of graphic appeal that Internet users are becoming accustomed to and expect.

survey forms
During the beta release, users can create three Typeform forms with a limit of 20 questions per form, and a total of 5000 entries/responses. When Typeform is fully released, the company plans to provide both free and paid plans. Any survey forms you create that go beyond the free plan will be archived until you upgrade to a paid plan. Unfortunately, the company has not yet indicated what the free and paid plans will be like.

Now is a good time to check out Typeform to see how useful it could be for your company, group, or blog. Let us us know what you think of the service so far.

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  1. Typeform
    July 8, 2013 at 9:15 am

    Many thanks for the detailed and comprehensive review, Bakari.

    Just a little note to complete the info: You can easily overcome the Beta account limits by answering a brief survey to the right of your account admin page.

    We welcome any user feedback!

    • Bakari Chavanu
      July 8, 2013 at 4:37 pm

      Hi, sorry I didn't notice that when writing the review. Thanks for letting me/us know.