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You can already share Spotify tracks How to Share Spotify Tracks Right Within Facebook Messenger How to Share Spotify Tracks Right Within Facebook Messenger Spotify track sharing is now available right within Facebook Messenger. Here's how to take advantage of it! Read More with your friends in Facebook Messenger, but Spotify recently introduced a new feature takes its Facebook sharing feature to a new level. It now allows you to create collaborative playlists directly in the Messenger app.

  1. To get started go to and add Spotify to Facebook Messenger.
  2. This will open up your Facebook Messenger in a browser and you’ll find yourself at the start of a new conversation with the Spotify app. Click Get Started. The bot can walk you through the features.
  3. Once you’re ready to create a playlist go to Facebook Messenger on your phone. Unfortunately, this feature only works from a phone — you can’t create playlists from the web version of Facebook Messenger.
  4. Open up a conversation with a friend and tap + > Spotify.
  5. You can send an individual song without connecting your Spotify and Facebook accounts, but if you want to create group playlists, you’ll have to tap the Connect Spotify button and grant Facebook access to your Spotify account.
  6. Once access is granted, return to Facebook Messenger and tap the Create Group Playlist and enter a name for your playlist.
  7. You can continue to add songs to playlist by going back to the conversation, but once the playlist is created, you can also add songs as you would normally through the Spotify desktop or mobile apps.

One major caveat to bear in mind is that if you aren’t a premium user, you won’t be able to listen to the playlist on your phone, but rather will have to look up the playlist on your computer.

This feature is a great way to create a social playlist when at a party or gathering with friends How to Get Any Party Started Using Spotify How to Get Any Party Started Using Spotify Whether you're hosting a calm hangout session with some of your closest friends or organizing a crazy all-nighter with whoever the hell shows up, Spotify can help get any party started. Read More . If you want you want a collaborative DJ experience, just create a group message 21 Hidden Facebook Messenger Tricks You Need To Try Right Now 21 Hidden Facebook Messenger Tricks You Need To Try Right Now Facebook and various partner apps are making Messenger even more powerful, and there are now dozens of really interesting things you can do directly from Messenger itself. Take a look at these! Read More , create the Spotify playlist, share it with your friends, and play the Spotify list on your computer, TV, or speakers.

What do you think of Spotify’s latest feature? Do you think it’s useful or gimmicky? Is it enough to get you to connect your Spotify and Facebook accounts, if you haven’t already? Let us know in the comments.

Image Credit: Denys Prykhodov via Shutterstock


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