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medalHeadI get frustrated from time to time when I have to navigate to the same directories over and over again. I have lots of different folders for lots of different jobs and functions. So it would be awesome for me to have a link to all of them that I could bring up with a click or two. Mapped drives are OK but I still need to open My Computer and navigate to them. I found a great solution to create shortcuts, and it is called MedalFolders.

The download is a little less than 3MB and the memory footprint on this bad boy uses about 12MB of memory. Can you spare 12MB to make your life easier? I sure can!

Now let’s take a look at how it works and how it can create shortcuts and save you some time. First you need to download and install the application from the above link. You will run through the normal barrage of next, next, and a little more nexting. Finally hit finish and we can get started.

Now you will see a new icon in your system tray. It looks like this:


By clicking on the red starred folder you will bring up this menu:



We do not have any shortcuts listed just yet as we have not added them yet! So click on your only option and Open Medal Folders. That will bring you to a ultra simple interface for adding folders. To create shortcuts, all you need to do is drag a folder into the box below and it will be added to your MedalFolders. How easy is that?

This is what the interface looks like:


So open up Explorer and simply drag your folders, drive letters or mapped drives right into the application and they will be available to you at the click of a button. Once you drag your folder in, you will be asked to give it a display name or as they refer to it a Media Folder Name. Add that and hit the Add button.


Continue adding folders to your hearts content. Here are some of the ones I added.These are the drives I use the hell out of on a daily basis, But feel free to add whatever you want to the list.


Now after you finish adding your items to your interface they will appear at the click of your mouse. I hovered over the Medal Folder icon and clicked. This is what I see:


Now simply clicking on one of those links like my MUO Drive for instance opens a Windows Explorer window to that folder like so:


Once you get your folder straight you can export your settings for use on another machine. Just hit File – Export menu. On the machine you want to import to hit File – Import menu and point it to the file you exported. Easy peasy”¦


Do you have another favorite launcher or file manager? Do you have some slick tricks that help you navigate your files or folders like a champ? If so please leave a comment in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you about your tricks. Maybe one of them can even become an article on its own!


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