Create Quick Beautiful Multi-Page Apps With Yapp

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Yapp icon   Create Quick Beautiful Multi Page Apps With YappIf you agree that Apple and Android mobile devices are aesthetically stylish and appealing, you will probably want to develop your own attractive mobile app without having to learn complicated coding and graphic design.

If you would like to send stylish invitations for say a wedding, birthday party, book club meeting, fundraiser, etc, a new online and mobile (Apple and Android) application and service called Yapp may be of interest to you. Yapp allows you to create stylish and flexible multipage micro-websites, or apps, in the form of invitations, announcements, and similar content.

How It Works

In order to get started with Yapp, you need to register with a Facebook account (at this point the site doesn’t seem to offer alternative ways to register).

   Create Quick Beautiful Multi Page Apps With Yapp

To create a Yapp mobile app, you select from one of over 20 beautifully designed themes — including the Fall artistic Maple, Halloween Moon, Postmarked, and Cosmopolitan Lights. Each theme addresses a different occasion for say weddings, conferences, sports teams, college events, retreats, art openings, etc.

Yapp 12   Create Quick Beautiful Multi Page Apps With Yapp

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Each theme allows you to include your own custom photo or logo, as well as content information. Next, you develop your app in the Yapp editor, which allows you to create an invitation and schedule page for your event, a newsfeed link back to your website for event updates, and a gallery of photos.

Yapp 8   Create Quick Beautiful Multi Page Apps With Yapp

You can add as many additional pages as you like, including People and simple text pages. People pages consists of individual contact information that can include a profile photo.

Yapp 2   Create Quick Beautiful Multi Page Apps With Yapp

At any point in the process, you can quickly change to a different theme, and when you’re ready, simply click the Publish button, and Yapp will create your app and assign it a unique ID for sharing.

Yapp 7   Create Quick Beautiful Multi Page Apps With Yapp

Viewing Yapp Apps

Yapp apps are essentially mobile website pages that are to be viewed of course in mobile devices. So each app is assigned a unique ID, and when recipients tap on the URL they are directed to download the respective iPhone or Android Yapp app to view received invitations. Each Yapp can be shared publicly as a tweet or Facebook post, or privately to a small group.

Additionally, each invitation is an assigned a QR code which can be posted on a website, paper literature, a poster, etc.

Yapp 4   Create Quick Beautiful Multi Page Apps With Yapp

You can send multiple Yapp invitations via email or text message, from either your online or mobile Yapp account. Fortunately, all Yapp invitations are kept within the Yapp app where users can view a schedule of events, view photos, as well as access other information. Unlike websites, Yapp invitations can be viewed offline, as well as send push alerts on mobile devices.

Yapp mobile   Create Quick Beautiful Multi Page Apps With Yapp

For $5 per app, you can customize the app ID and URL to fit your own website or the name of the event.

Yapp customize   Create Quick Beautiful Multi Page Apps With Yapp

The Yapp mobile apps allow users to also create invitations from within the mobile version itself, using the same process as in the online editor.

What’s cool about Yapp is that it requires no prior skills, except the ability to type and add a photo. Yapp apps are similar to the easy-to-use Stationery themes for Apple’s default Mail program.

Let us know what you think about Yapp and how you plan to use it. Also, are there features you would like to see added?

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Sean A

maybe this will not be as bad as appsbar

Lisa Santika Onggrid

I’ve never used appsbar, but I’m curious. Why is it bad?


Lisa Santika Onggrid

Can you use your own background images or shuffling page elements around?

Bakari Chavanu

Lisa, I believe with this app you basically have to stick with the templates. You can’t move elements around much on the page.

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