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public mailboxWith so many social sharing tools available nowadays, it is so easy to get lost.

An email message has remained the most convenient way to get in touch and share anything with people that really matter to you.

Email conversations are less cluttered than any other method of online conversations. More often than not, it is free of any type of self-promotion (because the conversation is private), it is only between people who already know each other well and thus are able to really help each other and prove useful.

Most of us have had some really great email correspondence that could benefit more people than just the participating recipients. For that useful email correspondence that is worth being shared, the [NO LONGER WORKS] Cc:Everybody public mailbox tool was created.

The people behind the tool should be already familiar to MUO readers: these are the same people behind Omgili, a well-covered forum search engine 3 Forum Search Engines to Search 40.000+ Message Boards 3 Forum Search Engines to Search 40.000+ Message Boards Read More .


How Cc:Everybody Works

[NO LONGER WORKS] Cc:Everybody is pretty easy to use. Just get yourself registered and create a name for your public mailbox.

Let’s say your public mailbox is located at:

Then your email address that is connected to your public mailbox is:

Email messages sent to this address are forwarded to your real email (which you used to register an account at the site).

Now, once you have some useful email correspondence you would like to share with the world, just forward the copy to your email address. The conversation will then be available to the public after you confirm the action (either from email or from the web interface):

public mailbox

Similarly, anyone else can forward their useful email conversations to your email address and you can publish it by replying to that email (and thus confirming the action):

public mailbox

Here is also a nicely done video showing how everything works.


Besides publishing your email correspondence online, you can:

  • Comment on others’ threads;
  • Receive comments from readers and moderate comments;
  • Pin (or stick) any conversation for it to always appear on top (just like in a regular forum).

The Settings panel allows you to modify some of the default behavior:

  • Turn the comments off;
  • Disable publishing the thread from email (and only publish manually using the web interface);
  • Auto-approve comments:

group mailbox

How Is It Different?

The tool does seem similar to many of the existing sharing and web publishing solutions. However, it is still quite unique. This venn diagram shows how Cc:Everybody is different from other tools you have been aware of (Cc:Everybody is right in the middle):

group mailbox

  • Unlike private emailing, it is public;
  • Unlike forum conversations, it is focused (you basically choose who contributes to the actual thread);
  • Compared with blogs, it gives more freedom (a person doesn’t have to be a contributor, to be included);
  • Unlike mailing lists, it is selective (you choose to make the thread public or not).

Some Examples?

We’ve had a nice conversation with the tool developer discussing the tool benefits and how it is different from all existing publishing and sharing solutions. After that we decided that that conversation was worth sharing and I published it at my public mailbox.

Here [NO LONGER WORKS] it is:

group mailbox

The tool is brand new but seems promising. I am sure the developers would be thrilled to hear your feedback!

So what are your thoughts? Do you feel like giving this tool a try?

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