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create photography portfolioFlickr may be the most popular option for sharing your photography online, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of other sites vying for your attention, offering an interesting twist on how you can share your photography. Fotoblur is one of those sites. Features of the site include sharing your photography with a friendly community, a personal portfolio page to share with anyone you want to, and the opportunity to have your photography published in a print magazine.

While free accounts are restricted to uploading only one photo per day, you can use this limit to your advantage in one of two ways. First, it transforms Fotoblur into the perfect Project 365 Become A Better Photographer with Online 365 Days Groups Become A Better Photographer with Online 365 Days Groups Read More portfolio, and second, it allows you to create a portfolio limited only to the very best of your work. When you’re limited to uploading only one photo a day, you’ll find that you might be very picky with regards to what you post. If one image isn’t enough for you, you can upgrade to a premium account for $29.95 a year.

create photography portfolio

Submitting your art is done via a simple form, in which you choose your file, select a category and add a description. Maximum image dimensions are 1024px x 1024px, the maximum image size is 512kb, and files types are restricted to jpgs.

create a portfolio


When submitting your photo you can also choose a group to submit it to, turn off comments, and select between a black or white border.

create a portfolio

The latest photos are displayed on the front page in a gallery.

create a portfolio

You can also browse photos by categories and those submitted to groups.


When it comes to your personal profile page, your latest images are displayed, alongside any profile information you’ve included – including your location, website and member status. While you cannot upload an icon for your profile page, you can select any of your submitted photos, to be displayed on your profile page and accompanying all of your comments.


Your profile page will also feature the number of members you follow and who follow you, how many favourites (labeled on the site as promotions), comments and profile views you’ve received, and which groups you’ve joined. It will also display a link to the images you have promoted, labeled as your favourites. The interchangeable use of the words promotions and favourites can be a little bit confusing at first.


Each individual image is accompanied by the title, exif data and a shortened URL, as well as links that make it easy to share the image on Facebook and Twitter. You can promote (or favourite) other users images by clicking on the arrow beneath the image.


All comments received will be displayed beneath the image, along with similar images, and the groups the image has been submitted to.


Any images you promote will be displayed on your favourites page.


In addition to your profile page, you also get a portfolio page on Fotoblur. You can choose to limit your portfolio to only specific images from your gallery, or to just include all photos that you have uploaded.


If we could ask for any additional features on Fotoblur it would be for more extensive control over how the portfolio page is displayed such as background, and selecting the thumbnail for each image, as opposed to the automatic centred thumbnail that it currently uses.


Your portfolio can be accessed from a link on your homepage after you have logged in. From there you can also access your groups, public profile, account settings and see the latest photos from your network.


If you’re looking for in-depth critique, Fotoblur is not the place you’re going to get it. While the community is friendly, comments are generally kept short, and reciprocation is the norm.

Fotoblur also gives photographers the opportunity to have their work published in their print magazine. Any images submitted to your profile page on Fotoblur can be submitted to be featured in the magazine. Once the submission period is over, users will then vote on the submitted photographs, taking an active part in determining which photographs are selected by the magazine editors.


There is no limit to the number of images you can submit to the magazine, but the images must be 300dpi jpgs, and the file size cannot be more than 10mb. Fotoblur Magazine is currently open for submissions until January 31st, 2011, and the selection period is from the February 1st to February 14th, 2011.

create photography portfolio

Do you have an account on Fotoblur? Let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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