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ios iphoto journalLast October, Apple announced From MobileMe To iCloud: It's Worth The Move From MobileMe To iCloud: It's Worth The Move If you use one or more output devices you will definitely want to sign up for an iCloud account. However if you are a current MobileMe user you will need to move your MobileMe account... Read More that its cloud and media streaming service, iCloud, would replace MobileMe, and all the latter’s active accounts will be deleted as of June 30, 2012. While I looked forward to iCloud for integrating all my Apple device, I bemoaned the discontinuance of MobileMe Galleries as a useful and quick way to share groups of photos with friends and families.

Well, it seems in the recent release iOS iPhoto First Look: Features & Tools Of iPhoto [iPad & iPhone] First Look: Features & Tools Of iPhoto [iPad & iPhone] Last week, as part of Apple's unveiling of the new iPad, it also introduced the iOS version of iPhoto - similar to Apple's popular photo management and editing software of the same name for the... Read More , its Journal feature is the new way Apple and iCloud users can share photos online.

How It Works

As part of the iOS iPhoto app First Look: Features & Tools Of iPhoto [iPad & iPhone] First Look: Features & Tools Of iPhoto [iPad & iPhone] Last week, as part of Apple's unveiling of the new iPad, it also introduced the iOS version of iPhoto - similar to Apple's popular photo management and editing software of the same name for the... Read More , you can manage, edit, and share photos on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch supporting devices. The app’s Journals feature allows you to select a group of photos and share them on your iCloud account using one of several layout themes.

ios iphoto journal

Links to uploaded iPhoto Journals can be shared like any other webpage, and it provides yet another place to backup and store you photos. As for now, the Mac version of iPhoto does not include Journals, but I’m pretty sure in its next update that and other iPhoto mobile features will added.

Creating a Journal

To create a journal in iPhoto, you launch the app and it will link to all the photos in the Photo Library of your iOS supported device. Tap on an album in which you want to select photos from. In the main editor, tap on the far right gear button and then tap “Select Multiple….”


create photo journal

Next, tap Edit in the upper-right of the menu bar, and then select a group of photos you want to make up your journal display. Tap Done after your selections are made.

create photo journal

Next, tap the Share button in the upper menu bar and select the Journal icon in the resulting window.

create photo journal

Journal Layout

The Journal of iPhoto feature contains six layouts to choose from. In the Journal editor, you can create a new Journal or add photos to an existing layout. For our first journal, give it a title and tap the Create Journal button.

ios iphoto

Photos will be added to the journal, and in the pop-up window select “Show” in order to rearrange the layout and other desired attributes.

At this point you will probably want to work with the layout in the landscape mode of your device. The layout will be easier to work with in an iPad, but it’s also manageable on the iPhone (which I used for this how-to) and iPod touch.

To move photos around, which are set to a grid, tap the Edit button and then tap on a photo you want to move, enlarge, edit, or remove from your journal. Use the blue handles to enlarge a selected photo, or use two fingers to pinch and enlarge a photo or make it smaller. Photos move around based on a grid, so you don’t have full control over the arrangement.

ios iphoto

You can add other attributes to your journal by tapping the + button in the menu bar. In the resulting window you can select to add another header, a note, some text, and even another page to the journal.

ios iphoto

Journals also include some unique attributes like Calendar icon that will show the day photos were taken, another one for what the weather was like when the photo was taken, a geolocation map of where the photo was taken–that is, if such metadata exist for the photos. Just tap attributes you want to add to your journal page.


If you don’t like the background of your selected photo journal you can change it by tapping the gear button in the menu bar to bring up the available themes.

Publish Journal

When you have your layout set, tap the Edit button again and then tap the Share button next to it. Select iCloud to share your journal online. iPhoto will optimize your photos and journal and send to your iCloud account. In the resulting window tap to turn on Publish to iCloud.


You can email a link to the journal page as well view the page in Safari on your iOS device. You can also have your journal show up on your Journals Home Page, similar to how it worked in MobileMe Galleries. If you leave this feature, your journal will remain posted in your account and can only be sent using the specified URL.


Unfortunately the URL for your journal is too long to remember, and you can’t as of now access your photo journals from your account. So you will want to bookmark in the browser of your desktop, and save it to the Home Screen 4 Key Safari's Features For New iPad Users 4 Key Safari's Features For New iPad Users Read More of your iOS device.

ios iphoto journal

While it is indeed easier to share your photos from your iOS device to your Facebook or photo sharing site, Journals can still be useful for publishing personal, family, and other types of photos that you don’t want to provide complete public access to.

The Journal will be even better when it’s added to the Mac version of iPhoto. But let us know what you think of Journals and if you experienced any problems in creating them on your device.

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  1. Oliver
    July 8, 2012 at 9:33 am

    I love iPhoto for iOS on my iPad 3. Generation. I like the journal feature a lot. It's very easy to share the photos I want and really looks nice on the webpage. I don't need to share my photos with the whole world but just want to share them with friends, family or colleagues, depending on the event. So this actually is great. No need to limit access, user accounts etc. Love it! Can't wait to see it on iPhoto for Mac. I guess ti will come with the Mountain Lion update??

    • Bakari Chavanu
      July 9, 2012 at 10:41 pm

      Hey Oliver, thanks for the feedback. I'm pretty sure they will bring the same feature to iPhoto for the Mac, especially since they got rid of the gallery feature in dotmac.