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Create Your Own Niche Q&A Site With Qhub qhubThe concept of Q&A (questions and answers) on the web is nothing new. Although it probably started on IRC – one of the first ‘chat’ concepts, it quickly evolved into a more specialized concept, molding into forums, and evolving towards the still relatively new Question and Answer sites.

Websites like Yahoo! Answers and Blurtit have filled a market niche, where the clueless are paired with amateur professionals.

But the creators of Blurtit believed the potential of Q&A was still being underestimated. Rather than just a single niche – the mainstream audience targeted by Answers and Blurtit – they saw a need for more specialized groups. Especially the most wayward and atypical communities could make use of such a Q&A platform.


Qhub, developed by the Blurtit guys, is such a platform. It can be used by anyone to create their own highly customized Q&A sites to handle visitor questions and answers. Even you can, and in a matter of minutes. Right now, those sites are still hosted locally by Qhub, but even so, they can be easily integrated with other, existing sites.

how to create q&a website


In general, Qhub looks a lot like the mainstream Q&A sites, with a few remarkable differences. For starters, Qhub lets you choose between a public, or private community. For the more tech-savvy amongst us, Qhub also features a developer API.

How To Create Your Own Q&A Site

So how do you create a Q&A site like that? It’s very easy, and hardly takes longer than creating an email address. We’ll walk you through the process.

questions and answers

On the Qhub site, start by naming your hub, and picking a suitable URL. You’ll be redirected to the page pictured above. If necessary, you can change the name, but also supply relevant tags and a tagline.

Remember we talked about a private option? Here you’ll be able to choose between community- or personal Q&A. The latter one ensures that you can only answer questions yourself. Next, you can make your hub public or private, where only invited people can join in.

create q&a website

These hubs are highly customizable, and it isn’t too hard to make them fit in with an existing site or brand identity. There are four main themes, and you can specify the color scheme of each. More importantly, you can also upload custom background and header pictures.

Create Your Own Niche Q&A Site With Qhub qhub questions

Adding questions at this stage is optional, but it gets your site running and looks a lot better than lorem ipsum. With the tags specified at the start, Qhub will look for matching existing questions, which you can add with a flick of the mouse. Adjust the tags to look for better matching questions. Surprisingly, I was even able to find a number of questions for my dummy Q&A concept.

The last step, also optional, allows you to invite people from your email address book, and pair your hub with Facebook and Twitter.

Create Your Own Niche Q&A Site With Qhub bugsinmyfridge

Five minutes well spent, you’ve now got your own Q&A hub! You can proceed by adding more questions, aggregate an audience, or work on your website integration.

What’s your personal opinion of Qhub? We’d love to hear from you!

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