Create MOO Cards For Your Business Facebook Page Free For A Limited Time [Updates]

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Remember the awesome free Facebook MOO cards we told you about a few months ago? They’re back with a vengeance, and you can now create free MOO Facebook cards for Pages, as well as for your personal Timeline.

Any business owner can now use its Facebook Page photos and information to create these nice printed cards, and as always with MOO cards, each card can get its own unique design, according to the number of photos existing on the business’s Page. The offer includes 50 Facebook MOO cards, which you can get for free “for a limited time”.


All you have to pay for when ordering is shipping costs, which range anywhere from $10-$20, according to your location. For 50 awesome MOO business cards, designed according to your Facebook Page Timeline, that’s not too bad a deal.

The first Facebook offer came from MOO last January, when they started offering free Facebook-based printed cards for individuals. Quietly, they have now extended this feature to businesses as well, and they too can add that extra something to their marketing in the form of the irresistible MOO cards.

Did you get your personal Facebook MOO cards? Do you plan to get some for your business?

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