How To Create An iPhone Or Android App Without Any Coding Skills

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xcode   How To Create An iPhone Or Android App Without Any Coding SkillsLearning how to create an app for iPhone or Android is not a simple drag and drop process. While Apple’s Xcode helps lay down the foundation for iPhone app development, it can take hours of coding and trial and error to produce a basic RSS feed or portfolio application.

But if you’re really eager to make a mobile app based on your website, business, organization, or just a fun quiz game, a website called Buzztouch may well be the web-based solution for you. Buzztouch is essentially Content Management Software for iOS and Android. It provides a template-based process in which you import your app’s information into the online software, and in turn it will create the code that you need to compile the data for your application. I gave a try and it does work.

muoscreenshot535   How To Create An iPhone Or Android App Without Any Coding Skills

How to Create an App – What You Need

MUO has previously covered the steps on how to create a simple iPhone app and submit it iTunes. You should read that article as it’s part of this process. Buzztouch however does not get your app onto iTunes, nor does it compile it in the programming application, Xcode, or the Android counterpart. What Buzztouch does is help you develop your app so that you can export the code to Xcode, and then from there you go through the process of submitting your app to the iTunes App Store. Since I’m an iPhone and Mac user, this review will focus on creating an iPhone app.

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The tools Buzztouch provides are totally free. It seeks to inspire aspiring developers, designers, content publishers, and the like to leverage their technology.

However, beyond Buzztouch, you will need a copy of Xcode on your Mac. If you already have a current or older free version of Xcode, you’re set to go. If not, you will have to download it from the Mac App Store, for $5. Once you get your app completed, you will need to shell out $99 for a developer’s license to upload your app to the iTunes App Store where it will go through the approval process.

muoscreenshot534   How To Create An iPhone Or Android App Without Any Coding Skills

Developing Your App

Buzztouch provides some excellent video tutorials for developing your iPhone application. I will provide simply an overview of the process. Basically, the core content of the Buzztouch app consists of one or more basic mobile iPhone template items. For example, I partially created an iPhone RSS feed app for, although of course you can download the official MUO app from the App Store.

After you do the free registration on the Buzztouch site, you will need to be familiar with the tools and templates that the app creation software provides. You will need to create and gather the content for your app before you get started in the process. It’s like gathering content for producing a website. In fact, your existing website could be the basis of a web-based iPhone app. Thus a Buzztouch app could be useful for realtors, modelling agencies, small restaurants, performers, bloggers, etc.

You start off the process by creating a name for your site.

muoscreenshot521   How To Create An iPhone Or Android App Without Any Coding Skills

Next, you need to add a logo for your app. I borrowed one from MUO’s existing application. A professional looking logo is highly recommended for your app to have any chance of being purchased and downloaded from the App Store. As you can see, Buzztouch makes adding the icon very easy. In each step of the process, an iPhone simulation will show you the results of the content you provide.

muoscreenshot524   How To Create An iPhone Or Android App Without Any Coding Skills

As shown in the following control panel, you will need to add a homepage image and introductory information for your app. That’s very easy to do. Where it says “Manage this app’s menus & screens” is the core content of your app.

homescreenitems1   How To Create An iPhone Or Android App Without Any Coding Skills

Clicking on that tool, you are provided with a set of tools for building your app. So far example, if you want to an RSS feed app for your blog site, you would add the RSS feed tool as one of your Home Screen Menu items.

muoscreenshot531   How To Create An iPhone Or Android App Without Any Coding Skills

There are 20 other templates for adding items, such as a Streaming and/or YouTube video, an Email Us page, a multiple choice quiz, a single image, a PDF doc, and a share via Facebook tool.

muoscreenshot532   How To Create An iPhone Or Android App Without Any Coding Skills

As with any professional looking website, you will want to have the content of your app polished and well edited.

Compiling Code

At any time during the process of learning how to create an app with your own project, you can have Buzztouch compile the code and send it over to Xcode to see the results. After Buzztouch prepares your code, it will download it to your computer. In the resulting folder, you will want to click on the file with the name of your app and the extension, “xcodeproj.” When you click the Run button in Xcode, it will open the iPhone simulator that is a part of the programmer.

simulator   How To Create An iPhone Or Android App Without Any Coding Skills

You really don’t need programming skills to produce your application, but you do need to be comfortable with using this sort of technology.

A few examples of apps developed by Buzztouch include Ian James’ Piano Live which is designed to keep his fans updated about¬† his live shows and other information;

screenshot551   How To Create An iPhone Or Android App Without Any Coding Skills

and Thrifty Car Sales, a calculator produced by Thrifty Car Sales to calculate the interest rate on a car loan, as well as other tips for buying a car.

screenshot552   How To Create An iPhone Or Android App Without Any Coding Skills

Let us know what you think of Buzztouch. If you create an app and post it for free download on the App Store, let us know about it. We might consider reviewing it as a follow-up to this article.

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I am moving all of my apps to Buzztouch.   Until I found out about Buzztouch, I had been struggling with XCode and Objective C.  Now I am able to focus on getting products on the App Store, rather than on coding.  The quality of my work has improved dramatically, and I will be able to move apps to the market much more quickly!  

Check out my Buzztouch 1.4 app:


Thanks smetoxen, for sharing. And I agree, by using Buzztouch, you can examine the code in xcode and learn a lot about coding.

James Bruce

That’s amazing, did Christ actually have something to say about Math too? Wow


Good luck getting your Buzztooth iPhone applications accepted into the App Store. Technically your application should not have been accepted, as Apple has strict rules regarding their User Interface Guidelines.

If you have a list option that looks selected (blue) when touch, and stays blue once the finger is off that list option, Apple will reject the application and ask you to fix it.

If Apple finds out about Buzztooth, they will become stricter enforcing their UIG.

David Book

Hi desbest: I’m not sure you undertand what buzztouch does? And the ‘blue when selected’ – huh? The native apps that ship with the browser show a blue selection. This is a strange remark.

There are lots and lots of tools that help folks make iOS and Android apps, buzztouch is one of them. The design of the app and the quality of “what it does” and “who it’s for” is ultamately judged by Apple. And, we are happy to report that thousands of apps in the App Store were built using buzztouch.¬†Sorry if you missunderstood the nature of the service.¬†



buzztouch rocks

app created with the power of bt


Thanks for letting us know about this one. 



Buzztouch is a great service. I used it to make my App which is in the app store for FREE.

See my App here:

Chasity Martin

Great info… who’s going to help me produce my app??? LOL


Sam Christie-Sgro

This seems like a pretty good tool to put some basic apps together. Do you think that this type of stuff can help you learn code in reverse? Or is there some proprietary function/middle layer that would skew how the code looked?

David Book

Hi Sam, no hidden secrets anywhere in the code. Your idea of ‘learning’ is one of the core values of our system. We are genuine and sincere about offering the service for free and hope to help you and others ‘understand’ how it works.¬†



Selim Basak

I’ve researched 30+ app creating sites, buzztouch is the best!


Ian James

Buzztouch is the real deal…from beginner to expert this site is amazing..and you won’t find a more helpful forum…if you want to build your own app…this is the place.


Ian, great job with you app. Being able to tell fans that they can keep up you through your iPhone app has got to be appealing for many. You’re not just handing them a business card, you’re handing them an app. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


Thanks for the feedback, Ian.



Buzztouch is Excellent … and getting better all the time. The best part is that the Forum is very active and there is loads of help available if you get stuck.

My latest App created with Buzztouch:

On Android –

On Apple Appstore –



David, as the writer of this article, just want to say thank you for linking and responding to the posted comments. Buzztouch is a great resource and it deserves all the exposure it gets. Keep me posted on your updates.

David Book

You’re welcome, it’s the least we could do!. And, bye the way, next time you’re in Monterey, Beer or Coffee’s on me (I prefer coffee). Lastly, you probably didn’t know I was from Sacramento – I peeked at your blog…good stuff ;-)



thanks for sharing this info, great!


Peter Reginald

Geez if I had the time then I would love to play with this to make an app.


Josh Mularella

Buzztouch is an amazing service and gets quite addictive when you realize all the possibilities. They helped me build my first app in just under a month. It’s toward emergency medicine providers and has over 1000 downloads since March. Check it out here:


L Caputo

Buzztouch is great and always getting better. From imformative video tutorials to very helpful user forums. They make making app easy. And actualy teach you how to do stuff by not doing all the work for you. Great for the inspiring developer to beginer. Thanks Buzztouch for everything.

Android app



I love Buzztouch. I was able to build 4 apps for Android Market. One of them is called the   King Of Pop Trivia. A tribute to Micheal Jackson, check it out here:

Ralph Myree jr
CEO, Wave Mobile, LLC 


Dina Dimopoulos

Thanks so much for turning me on to this site!


Terry Morris, Ed.D.

This is such a great service for generating both iOS and Android apps. I used buzztouch to create a review quiz app for a textbook that I wrote. Visit for links to the apps. 


Excellent idea, Terry. Thanks for sharing.



The last thing the app stores need is more crappily-designed cached-website-in-an-app apps. They need more quality, productivity apps, and you need to learn to code yourself. Dislike.


Oh stop it. I’m reviewing some of the apps that used¬†Buzztouch and there’s nothing crappy about them. Many of them are for specific audiences. Buzztouch could also be useful for learning coding as well.¬†

James Bruce

Actually, I’m inclined to agree. It’s professional development that makes iOS stand out above the mountain of crap that Android has, and filling the marketplace with tip calculators is bad for everyone. Having said that, I’d be interested in seeing if anyone has actually made something wonderful with buzztouch?¬†

James Bruce

Having said that, it could be a great tool to *learn* iOS programming from, even if you then take the code it produces and customize it greatly. 

David Book

@OceansofEurops:disqus¬†We hear ya. Nobody wants crappy apps and nobody wants App Stores full of should-be-web-apps-apps. Believe me, we get it. However, please don’t judge every book by one cover. Thousands of folks who could not otherwise use their devices to organize teams, help an audience, or gather important location, media, and other useful data are benefiting from services like ours. Kindly keep an open mind about this simple approach to app building and understand that not all apps are created equal and not all apps are meant to be super-duper-turbo-charged games, battlefields, or space-ship-remote controls.¬†

James Bruce

You clearly need to add a “space ship remote control” option to the templates… ;)

David Book

Good idea, space-ship remote on the way. I totally agree with your remarks about the “difference” between iOS and Android, in terms of professionalism. WordPress must cringe at the idea that zillions of presse-d sites are useless. We cringe constantly.¬†

Our first go at this, v1.4, the version highlighted in this article is super-simple intentionally. The process and popularity of that version motivated us to create v1.5 that allows for lots more flexibility, creativity, and usefullness. 

More than anything I feel like the commoditization of mobile is in full swing and it won’t be too long before apps are just like sites which are just like newspapers which are just like books – the vast majority arn’t worth reading.¬†




Buzztouch is awesome!!! ¬†I developed my app and it was approved and published in app store within days. ¬†Check it out… Search for IrishAisle Bride in the app store. ¬†Big thanks to David Book for putting out such a great product and especially for his support during my project development.



Hey guys! do you know of any other similar software online? This is cool, but would love to try other varieties too =)

David Book

Good question. There are lots of services online to help create apps, each with their own twist on mobile. We think our service is compelling because of it’s open-source nature and it’s ability to create you an Xcode or Android project. This is different than using a closed, proprietary system to build and power your app. There are times when closed and proprietary are good solutions and we encourage you to check out as many solutions as you can. Here are few I can think of:



Mobile Roadie



Hope this helps.
David Book
Developer / Co-Founder



Just a note, if you pay the $99 fee to become a Apple Developer, then you can download Xcode for free. But if you wanna play around you can always pay the $5 for Xcode and always have a version available to download.

Bakari Chavanu

Thanks for pointing that out. I would definitely recommend downloading and trying Xcode before paying the $99 developer’s fee.


Chris Wong2612

This site can be proved to help the non-programmers making their app but it is not for the programmers who find this site is giving so much generic app instead of customization.

David Book

Hi Chris. The default configuration is for sure designed to help newcomers to programming. However, not unlike many other development tools, many many professional developers use buzztouch on a daily basis. I think if you explored the multiple versions available, and the literally thousands of ways to extend it (for developers) you’de have a different perspective.¬†

Thanks for keeping an open mind.



so glad i found this via a google search.  going to give it a try, xcode is great for laying out a page and menus etc, but can be a problem for people new to objective C and xcode coding. 

many thanks for being unselfish and sharing knowledge very much appreciated

Bakari Chavanu

Appreciate the feedback, John. 



Roy Beardmore
Hello I have read this article and , before I do anything more ,  about how much time
is required to convert  a simple website , about 520 pages with about 4000 images to an
ipod touch /Ipad app.


Roy, sorry about the late reply. I didn’t get an email notice of it. If you haven’t already done so, you should join the forum on the Buzztouch site and ask them your question.¬†

Bakari Chavanu

Roy, sorry for not responding to this earlier. I didn’t get a notice about your comment and question. If you haven’t already done so, you should join the Buzztouch forum site and ask your question. I don’t know enough about the app and service to answer it properly. Sorry.


Vladislav Rakov

In my humble opinion is the best service for making apps.


Bakari Chavanu

Thanks for letting us know that. 


Bakari Chavanu

Thanks for the feedback. 



I have made ‚ā¨250 in 4 months thanks to Buzztouch

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