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Photo collages can take your images beyond mere snapshots to create something special. What’s more, creating a unique collage effect isn’t hard using your iPhone or iPad and the right apps.

We’ve probably all taken some promising photos that are begging for creative attention. Sure we can crop and enhance The Basics of Photo Cropping That You Should Understand The Basics of Photo Cropping That You Should Understand Read More  photos or apply fancy retro filters, but Photo Slice (free, $1.99 in-app purchase) and TapnSlice ($1.99, universal) let you go one step further by creating fun and dynamic photo collages.

It’s easy, fun and the results look great.

Photo Slice (free, $1.99 upgrade)

The magic of Photo Slice can happen automatically with a few simple steps, or by using your own creativity and style. Photo Slice allows you to snap a picture directly within the app, or you can import one from your photo library, Facebook, Picasa, Instagram, or Tumblr account, or from a web search.

From there you can select to apply one of nearly 40 photo collage templates, create a grid style collage, let Photo Slice randomly apply a style, or start from scratch and use your own creativity.


You can easily “slice” up your photo by double-tapping on the image, which automatically creates a slice in the photo that can be resized and rotated. Whether you’re using a template or working from scratch, you always have the option to edit the results and undo actions.


Photo Slice provides an accessible set of tools for applying one or more photo filters, changing the image frame and background of the collage (with over a hundred to choose from), inserting text and adding stickers. It even includes a convenient help menu for using the app.

Photo Slice Editing

The pop out Slice tools give you more control over your collage, and like many other iOS photo apps, you can also adjust the exposure of images.

Double-tappinf on an individual slice reveals most of the same tools used for editing an entire image or collage. The selected slice can be rotated, enlarged, enhanced with a filter, or deleted all together.

Photo Slice editing

Completed collages can be saved to your photo library, shared via email or a social networking site like Facebook, Muzy, and Tumblr. Unfortunately Photo Slice doesn’t retain all your collages in the app itself.

Photo Slice export

The free version of Photo Slice allows you to save up to five photos. The unlimited version costs $1.99, and additional in-app purchases are available for more frame sets and stickers.

TapnSlice ($1.99, universal)

There’s no trial version of Darinsoft’s TapnSlice, but this recently released and updated photo collage creator works in a similar way to Photo Slice, with a few changes to make creating collages a littler easier. For example, with TapnSlice you get a preview how all templates will look once applied to an imported photo.

Somehow TapnSlice seems to know just where to plice parts of a photo so a face is not chopped off, and this makes it easier for experimenting with different edits and enhancements. As with Photo Slice, double-tapping an image allows you to create, resize, and rearrange multiple slices. Unlike Photo Slice, TapnSlice blurs the background of all parts of the image that are not sliced.

TapnSlice also makes it easier to duplicate and layer slices, apply photo edits, and change or preview a different collage background.

TapnSlice backgrounds

Lastly, TapnSlice provides a choice of image export size for completed collages, and the ability to add notes to images shared via email, social networks, and to the printer.

TapnSlice export

Try It Out

By making Photo Slice a free trial download, Drainsoft has made it easy to test out the magical features of their collage creation method. You can take your photos from simple to wow in record time, without the need for Photoshop 10 Must-Know Introductory Photoshop Skills for Beginner Photographers 10 Must-Know Introductory Photoshop Skills for Beginner Photographers In this guide, we take a look at some Photoshop features you can dive straight into, even if you have little or no previous photo editing experience. Read More or another larger desktop photo editor.

If you enjoyed this, check out Yaara’s review of other collage creation tools Create Beautiful Photo Collages With These Great Tools Create Beautiful Photo Collages With These Great Tools A picture is worth a 1000 words. So how many words is a 4-image collage worth? Sometimes, a nice collage is the best way to share an experience quickly. These tools should help. Read More  for Windows, Android and iOS.

Have you created a photo collage with your iPhone or iPad? Tell us which apps you use for the job, and why, in the comments below.

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  1. Elaine Baker
    April 17, 2015 at 5:20 am

    Beautiful. Your tips are valuable.

    • Bakari Chavanu
      April 17, 2015 at 6:33 pm

      Thanks, Elaine, appreciate you feedback. Happy photo taking.